Autonomous Mapping


During her spring internship at Fetch Robotics, Shiloh Curtis created a prototype autonomous exploration and mapping system for our Freight robots.

Our Freight robots are already capable of creating detailed maps of very large buildings, but currently a human must drive the robot through the area to be mapped. Shiloh’s work is a first step towards easier robot deployments. The robot can automatically select new areas to explore and then autonomously navigate to these locations.

Shiloh will be starting her studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall and we look forward to seeing her future accomplishments.


Workshop Paper on Fetch & Freight

Last month, we attended the 2016 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence to present a paper on Fetch and Freight during the Workshop on Autonomous Mobile Service Robots.

We have now posted a PDF of “Fetch & Freight: Standard Platforms for Service Robot Applications”, which you can find at The paper describes some of the key features and design considerations that make Fetch and Freight great platforms. This paper is our recommended citation when using the Fetch or Freight platforms in your research work.