Automated Data Collection Platform

Gather environmental data more frequently and more accurately for your Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data applications.

Software partners and integrators can create a Fetch DataSurvey™ solution to automate their data gathering tasks, enabling new levels of insight for their customers.

Precise movement and tracking

Properly placing and moving measuring and recording instruments is key to accurate and comprehensive information gathering. Freight provides centimeter-level control, even within environments that are millions of square feet.

Extensible hardware and software

Thousands of mounting point combinations, plus network and power connection access to accommodate whatever sensor payload you choose. FetchCore's RestAPI and separate partner API provide task and function customizability.

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Simple setup and deployment

Quickly map environments, define workloads and create schedules through our intuitive FetchCore software and have DataSurvey working within hours.

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Solutions developed on our DataSurvey platform

Image capture and analysis

Software for various types of visual detection and image recognition have expanded the possibilities of data collection and analysis. Our ShelfSurveyor™ platform mobilizes an array of cameras to capture high resolution images more reliably and more frequently.

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RFID asset tracking

How valuable is increased visibility to your inventory? With combinations of RFID readers and antennae, our TagSurveyor™ mobile platform can help automate cycle counts, allowing for more frequent and reliable inventory checks and location tracking within your environment.

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The DataSurvey platform starts with our Freight autonomous mobile robot connected to our FetchCore software. From here, combinations of third party hardware and software can be easily integrated with our platform.

freight specifications

Weight 68kg (150lbs)
Height 359mm (14in)
Base footprint 508mm (20in) wide, 559mm (22in) dia.
Payload 100kg (220lbs)
Max speed 2.0m/s (4.47mph)
Nominal Continuous Runtime 9 hours
Environment Indoor

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Incorporating Fetch VirtualConveyor solutions into your warehouse workflows allows warehouse associates to focus on higher value tasks.
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