Autonomous Mapping


During her spring internship at Fetch Robotics, Shiloh Curtis created a prototype autonomous exploration and mapping system for our Freight robots.

Our Freight robots are already capable of creating detailed maps of very large buildings, but currently a human must drive the robot through the area to be mapped. Shiloh’s work is a first step towards easier robot deployments. The robot can automatically select new areas to explore and then autonomously navigate to these locations.

Shiloh will be starting her studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall and we look forward to seeing her future accomplishments.


Dynamic Obstacle Tracking


For his internship at Fetch Robotics during the winter of 2015/2016, Andrew Vaziri worked on a new costmap layer for better robot navigation in dynamic environments. His intern video describes how the costmap layer tracks dynamic obstacles, especially other robots. Using data from the laser range finder, robots are detected using a machine learning algorithm called “Random Forests”. Each potential robot instance is then tracked using a filter which can aggregate the data across several laser range finder scans.

We have finally caught up with editing, so check back soon to see even more intern videos over the next couple of weeks.


Graph-based SLAM


During his first internship at Fetch Robotics in the summer of 2015, Luc Bettaieb worked on making improvements to the ROS GraphSLAM package, slam_karto.  In his intern video, you will hear about how he sped up the algorithm’s optimizer, added better graph visualization, and began work on a manual loop-closure tool.

Luc just completed his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering with a focus in artificial intelligence and robotics at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.  After his second internship at Fetch Robotics this summer, he will return to Case Western for a year of graduate school to complete his master’s degree in electrical engineering.  We hope to see him again soon!


Robot Calibration


During her internship at Fetch Robotics, Niharika focused on the calibration stack for Fetch. This past summer, she improved calibration by using the ground plane to determine better camera intrinsics, especially for using head camera sensor data when navigating.

Niharika is currently on her second internship at Fetch Robotics during this fall semester. And we are pleased to say that Niharika will be joining us as a full time employee after she completes her final semester at the Georgia Institute of Technology next summer. We look forward to the remainder of Niharika’s fall internship and we can’t wait for her return as a full time employee in May 2016.



Vacuum Gripper Design


During his internship at Fetch Robotics, Andrew Zeller designed, fabricated, and tested various vacuum gripper concepts. In his intern video, you will see his final vacuum gripper design and its ability to lift large items.

With the possibility of alternative end effectors, such as Andrew’s vacuum gripper, the Fetch robot can expand on its capabilities and diversify the types of materials and products it can handle.

We are disappointed to have Andrew’s internship come to an end. However, we are excited about his contributions and the doorway to possible gripper designs he has opened. We hope to have him return for an additional internship before he completes his education at the University of Alabama.



Automated Test Stands for Production

During his internship at Fetch Robotics, Camilo Buscaron built an automated test stand for testing production circuit boards. His efforts ensure that each robot meets a high production standard before it is released into the world. His work also helps expedite our manufacturing capabilities by keeping this testing in-house.

Given that quality control is very important at Fetch Robotics, Camilo was offered a position as a Robotics Engineer and is now a full time “Fetcher”. Since he has come onboard full time, his responsibilities have expanded to fulfilling the goals of our electrical engineering department not only in manufacturing and production but new technology development as well.

Camilo has joined the Fetch team in advancing robotics with new hardware development and compelling software solutions for our customers. Camilo entered Fetch Robotics with the first batch of interns and has made a tremendous impact. We look forward to his contributions moving forward!