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Getting Started

  • Once the robots show up, how quickly can we get them set up?

    With a clear understanding of your robot designated workflows, Fetch robots can begin work within 1 or 2 days.

  • Just how easy are Fetch Robots to set up and manage?

    Setup involves 4 steps:

    (1) Unpack robot and connect to Wi-Fi.

    (2) Map your facility and localize your robot.

    (3) Annotate your maps, create destinations.

    (4) Create and schedule workflows.

    Mapping is easily accomplished by walking your Fetch robot through your facility with the included controller.  Once this is completed, begin creating keep-out areas, speed zones, preferred paths, and destinations for the robots.  Then assign available robots to your map and set up and schedule workflows.  The interface is intuitive, most operations are point and click.  The entire process can be completed within a few hours.


  • How are our facility maps uploaded into the system?

    Building a map is accomplished by initially driving one of your robots around your facility with the provided joystick. Laser sensors on the robots see objects and fill in the map as you pilot through your facility.  You can find additional information on map building best practices in our FetchCore User Manual.  Maps are built real-time so they are complete the moment you finish walking your robot through your entire facility.

    Learn more about mapping

  • How large of a facility can you map?

    FetchCore Software enhances industry standard mapping so that facilities over 1 million square feet can be mapped precisely by our robots.

    Learn more about mapping

    Learn more about FetchCore software

Robot Basics

Purchase & Delivery

  • What does the annual/monthly license fee include?

    Our FetchCore Software Suite is more than just fleet management software.  It delivers true usability enhancements over industry standard autonomous mobile robot software.  These include enhancements to safety, map building, mixed fleet control and monitoring, global management out of a single pane of glass, and micro-services that allow common workflows to be set up more quickly.  Our cloud based delivery of our FetchCore software suite ensures customers have the best, most reliable, and most secure experience as well.

    Learn more about FetchCore software

  • Why is the license fee charged for each robot?

    FetchCore is similar to any other piece of modern enterprise software.  More than just robot fleet management software, it represents the core of our technology by enabling true usability benefits that unlock the value of having robots complement your existing warehouse operations.

    Learn more about FetchCore software

  • What is the delivery time?

    Typical delivery times are 2-3 weeks after receipt of order. Please confirm with your Fetch Account Executive for more detail.

Operating Robots

  • Do I have to have WiFi for the robots to work?

    Yes.  However, a constant WiFi connection is only required for VirtualConveyor robots at the time that they receive tasks. DataSurvey robots have the additional requirement of passing collected data via WiFi. Our FetchCore provides a Wi-Fi heatmap feature to help you spot Wi-Fi weak spots within your facility.


    FetchCore Wi-Fi heat map exposing areas with weak Wi-Fi.

  • What happens when a robots gets disconnected from the WiFi?

    Fetch robots will continue on and safely complete their current task. A WiFi connection is only required for VirtualConveyor robots at the time that they receive tasks. DataSurvey robots have the additional requirement of passing collected data via WiFi. Our FetchCore software provides a Wi-Fi heatmap feature to help you identify Wi-Fi weak spots within your facility.

  • Does the robot need WiFi to avoid obstacles?

    No. Sensors on Fetch robots are used to detect and avoid obstacles. These operate independent of Wi-Fi.

    Learn more about how AMRs avoid obstacles

  • Is the Wireless connection safe? Am I going to get hacked?

    All communications to and from FetchCore software are encrypted through SSL.  Fetch only requires specific ports to be open to further harden security.


  • Do I need to plug in the robot once the battery is low?

    No, with FetchCore software and Fetch charge docks, you can schedule planned charging times.  Robots will auto-navigate and engage charge docks per user designated schedules, ensuring that robots are fully charged during peak usage times.  Additionally, robots can be set to return to charge docks once they reach a minimum user designated power level.


    VirtualConveyor autonomously docking to re-charge.

  • How can I operate your robots without the cloud?

    Fetch commercial robot systems need to be connected to our cloud-based FetchCore software.  This setup provides the best Fetch experience, enabling easy updates, easy scaling, and maximum uptime.

  • Can I use the robots outside?

    No, Fetch robots are designed for use in dry indoor environments.

  • What is the smallest facility where your robots can have an ROI?

    For VirtualConveyor, almost any workflow requiring repetitive movement of material will provide a return on investment over time. Facilities over 200,000 sq ft (18,580 m²) can generally see returns in under a year, but this is ultimately determined by specific workflow requirements and robot utilization.  For DataSurvey, ROI from collected data can be achieved in much smaller spaces.


  • How do we maintain them?

    Very little day to day maintenance is required as Fetch robots have very few moving parts.  Yearly checks on wheels, casters, batteries, and charge docks are recommended.

  • How long can Fetch robots work before they need to recharge?

    Up to 9hrs depending on the loads and total distances traveled.  A Fetch sales engineer can help you plan charge schedules to ensure you have available robots during potential peak hours.

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