Request, Load, Deliver.

freight, the autonomous mobile platform, can meet the needs of many different logistics and manufacturing workflows. Whether it’s following an associate as they pick items from shelves, performing point to point delivery tasks, or dispatching parts to an associate on an assembly line, freight will enhance the performance of your workforce.

Flexible Hardware Solutions

freight can be configured to meet your specific needs. Current options include the hmishelf, cartdock and datasurvey.


Increase Productivity

The freight mobile platform, together with the fetchcore server software and application modules like followpick, provide comprehensive turnkey solutions that will increase the productivity of your team. With associates focused on the picking or assembly task, freight can take items from place to place without associates spending valuable time walking and pushing heavy carts around.

freight robots are capable of autonomously navigating in ADA-compliant environments to quickly transport goods to drop-off areas. When combined with fleetmanagement, freights are routed optimally through the facility and manage their charge levels to keep a fleet productive 24 hours a day. The fetchcore UI allows facility managers to customize workflows by adding drop-off locations, prefered routes, speed maps, and keep-out zones so that freights will follow the “rules of the road” for each facility.  

To maximize the full potential of freight, mounting points and various data ports are available to enable custom add-ons that suit your workflow. fetchrobotics can work with your company to  integrate accessories to maximize the efficiency of your logistics operations.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Safe autonomous navigation
  • Transport up to 100kg (220 lbs) payload
  • Easy set-up and deployment
  • Autonomous recharging management
  • Easily configurable and scalable fleet
  • Autonomous queuing and positioning
  • Autonomous person-following capabilities
  • UI tools for defining robot workflow

Robot Specifications