Load, Deliver, Return

The freight mobile platform is designed for adding additional hardware attachments to support the specific needs of different customers. One example is the hmishelf, which provides a simple way to deliver items from point A to point B in a facility, a virtualconveyor. The hmishelf virtualconveyor can deliver orders from picking to shipping or deliver parts from kitting to the assembly line.

Flexible Hardware Solution

The hmishelf has two shelves for convenient loading and unloading of items, bins, or totes. It also has a touchscreen (the human machine interface, or hmi) to tell the freight when the load is complete and where to deliver the items.


Since each warehouse and each transported load are different, the top shelf height can be adjusted to suit your requirements. It also can be removed completely to accommodate a tall load on the bottom shelf. The top shelf is rated to support 23kg (50 lbs), while the bottom shelf is rated to support 61kg (135 lbs). Each shelf is 500 mm (19.75 in.) wide x 348 mm (13.75 in.) deep.

To make sure that the freight and hmishelf are always visible, a bright blue light casts a minimum of 4.26 m (14 ft.) in front of the robot. This allows for visibility before a robot reaches an intersection.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Safe autonomous navigation
  • Easy set-up and deployment with and without WMS integration
  • UI tools for defining robot workflow and drop- off locations
  • Increased visability