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Research Edition of Fetch & Freight

Press Release

May 20, 2015

All of us at Fetch Robotics are proud to announce the immediate availability of research versions of our Fetch and Freight robots.

Fetch, an advanced mobile manipulator and Freight, a mobile base, were designed by Fetch Robotics to address the logistics industry, but are applicable across a wide range of research initiatives.

Several institutions already have Fetch on the way.

“My students and I can’t wait to get our hands on Fetch, and since we’ve all got experience using ROS with TurtleBots in the Mobile Robotics class, we’re hoping to be productive from day one. Our project this summer will examine improved techniques for motion planning and trajectory optimization leveraging our lab’s earlier work on CHOMP.”

Matt Zucker, Assistant Professor

Engineering Department, Swarthmore College

The research edition of Fetch and Freight are ready to go right out of the box. Each research robot is installed with Ubuntu Linux LTS, ROS, ROS Navigation, MoveIt!, joystick teleop, and calibration. As Fetch and Freight are built using the open source robot operating system ROS, the research community can benefit from existing ROS capabilities and advance that software through the use of an advanced mobile manipulation platform and accompanying base.

For individuals and institutions interested in purchasing Fetch and Freight please email for more information.

Both Fetch and Freight will be display next week at ICRA in booth 231.