Platforms for Research and Development


Accelerate research and development in the areas of mobile manipulation, machine learning, and human robot interaction.

Expand and enhance your research and education efforts with our robot platforms


Fetch mobile manipulators and Freight autonomous mobile robots come equipped with sensors that enable you to interact with the real world. Fetch has a full 3D depth sensor for planning and manipulation.

Add on and extend

Designed with future applications in mind, Fetch and Freight have mounting points and USB expansion ports for adding new sensors or devices.

Learn More in the Fetch Workshop Paper

Log in or plug in

Developers can SSH into Freight and Fetch to write and run programs directly on the robots for best performance or plug directly into the robot computer using the access panel.

ROS enabled

Fetch and Freight Research robots come with ROS fully integrated and ready to run high level applications like Movelt, ROS Navigation and autonomous calibration.

Join the growing community of University labs and corporate innovation centers that are using fetchresearch solutions to develop next generation technologies.

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