RFID Asset Tracking


Autonomous cycle counts and inventory location tracking in warehouses made possible by combining RFID Technology with Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robot Systems!

RFID asset tracking done right

The Fetch TagSurveyor™ Autonomous Mobile Robot platform is equipped with 3 high powered, adjustable RFID antennas to ensure maximum coverage and penetration. TagSurveyor helps partners like Surgere raise the bar by further enhancing their comprehensive suite of RFID asset tracking solutions.

Retrieve true inventory data more often

TagSurveyor autonomously navigates an array of RFID readers steadily and precisely through designated warehouse or manufacturing environments, consistently providing more reliable scanning results than manual hand scanning.

React faster with better inventory visibility

Because a fleet of Fetch TagSurveyors can be configured to operate autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, more frequent inventory location checks are possible. Discover unexpected inventory shortfalls faster, and with proper software integration, even locate misplaced items.

Reduce costly inventory discrepancy "Fire Drills"

TagSurveyor mobile robot systems can become dedicated, 3 shift-per-day, cycle count and inventory location resources. Eliminate the need to send busy warehouse associates around to re-count or find lost material.

Meet ROBi

Surgere, an industry leader in providing visibility and control within a digitized supply chain, created ROBi (Robotically Optimized and Balanced Inventory) to help automate cycle counts and improve overall accuracy of on-hand inventory within automotive manufacturing and warehouse environments. TagSurveyor is ROBi’s underlying mobility platform.


By combining best-of-both-worlds capabilities in Fetch autonomous mobile robotics and Surgere inventory control and visibilty solutions, Surgere’s ROBi technology delivers constant and incredibly accurate inventory tracking that is fully integrated with with Surgere’s comprehensive asset management system, COS™.

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