Keep up with increasing consumer demands for frequent, smaller e-commerce orders and omni-channel fulfillment.

E-Commerce Boom
the challenge

E-commerce is driving supply chain evolution

The pandemic has permanently accelerated the e-commerce market by 5 years and exacerbated by the already problematic labor shortage. 94% in the US will buy the same or more online after COVID-19 ends.

For 3PLs, warehouse space can be constrained by rapid growth and expansion fueled by e-commerce and seasonal peaks, requiring up to three times the distribution space of traditional retail. Space may also be poorly utilized due to legacy equipment such as conveyor lines, racks, and other fixed infrastructure. 

Automation brings both opportunity and challenges for 3PLs. Competitive 3PLs need an automation solution to help them not only keep up with demand but can be deployed and re-configured easily with no new infrastructure requirements.

AMR Advantages

Flexible automation is a necessity

Customers of 3PLs can change periodically and every customer is unique. Implementing fixed automation may serve the requirements of an existing customer, but leave 3PLs unable to adapt to the requirements of both existing and future customers. Fixed automation is not just expensive, but it is also difficult to implement in an existing facility without limiting the capacity of that facility in the process.

Flexible automation enabled by a fleet of AMRs provides increased efficiency needed to optimize any type of picking operation, but also allows 3PLs to easily customize and redeploy automation from one customer account to another. AMRs can also use a Robot as a Service (RaaS) model that provides the ability to change the type of AMR being used if the needs of a 3PL change.

E-Commerce Single Item Orders
Zebra Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robots
A Single Solution for All 3pl flexible automation needs

Optimize All Forms of Picking and Automate any Manual Material Movement

Fulfill Faster

We provide a purpose-built fulfillment solution with AMRs that significantly increases the efficiency of order picking, batch picking, and replenishment by leveraging pick path optimization and orchestration of associates and AMRs. 

More Efficient Distribution

Our Freight1500 enables safer and more efficient case picking and pallet picking operations in addition to automating other pallet conveyance workflows. Leverage your scarce labor resources for picking and not driving.

Automate Anything

Our broad portfolio of AMRs and cloud-based software with drag and drop development environment enables 3PLs to automate any manual material movement including putaway, recycling removal, etc.

How Robotics Helps 3PLs

Pick, Pack, Ship


Value-Added Services


Solutions for 3PLs

FlexShelf AMR


Dynamically deliver orders to workers and keep workers in a specific zone to reduce congestion in aisles.

RollerTop Guide Pick-to-Tote


Automated tote induct / deduct to conveyors and optimized worker movements with real-time knowledge of what to pick and where to find items.

Fetch CartConnect100 Line Feed


Improve speed, accuracy and productivity with detachable cart solution and deduce dwell time spent waiting for robots.

Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Transport

Putaway & Replenishment

Prioritize putaway and replenishment tasks through WES and leverage picking staff with replenishment task interleaving.

Freight1500 Case Picking

Case Picking

Build mixed pallets onto AMRs to increase productivity, reduce reliance on forklifts, and eliminate wasted travel time.

Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Delivery

Rush Orders

Enable urgent order and hot picks for flexible operation. Drives productivity in low dwell time, high volume environments.

Pick to Fetch Robot


Streamline returns process using AMRs to transport returns to restock, repack, refurbishment, liquidation stations or areas.

Fetch Robotics AMRs Bins for Detrash

Detrash / Recycling

AMRs help declutter the warehouse by removing dunnage, and recyclables to free capacity and keep areas organized.

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