Robotics Automation for Warehousing, 3PLs, Distribution, Manufacturing

Increase productivity, streamline processes and empower your people by
automating manual material movement or improving fulfillment picking.

Fetch Fulfillment Solutions


Keep production lines moving and enable lean manufacturing with just-in-time material delivery using AMRs from Fetch.

Fetch Distribution Solutions


Streamline your distribution operation with case picking, cross docking, and other pallet conveyance workflows.

Fetch Robotics Fulfillment Solutions


Take charge of your e-commerce facilities with AMRs that can optimize order picking, batch picking, replenishment and more.


Accelerate your development of commercial mobile robotics solutions with the Freight100 OEM base AMR. 

ROI Calculator

Stop Walking.

Start Automating Material Handling.

Compare the cost of manually transporting goods versus the efficiency of using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The savings will surprise you.


Robots for General Warehouse Automation Vendor Assessment

Looking into leveraging AMRs in your supply chain? IDC’s Worldwide Autonomous Mobile Robots for General Warehouse Automation 2019 Vendor Assessment can take away some of the guesswork by providing: advice on why AMRs should be considered for warehouse automation (safety, ease of deployment, and productivity gains), best practices to ensure successful implementation, and vendor comparisons based on current capabilities and future strategy.

The Broadest Range of AMRs in the Industry

Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) give companies competitive edge through robotics automation solutions from end-to-end picking solutions for fulfillment s to automating just-in-time material delivery.  

Family of products offered by Zebra and Fetch Robotics

The Broadest Range of AMRs in the Industry

Incorporating Fetch Robotics VirtualConveyor material handling solutions into your material transport and logistics workflows improves productivity and allows warehouse associates to focus on higher value tasks. See what Wärtsilä and DHL have to say about their VirtualConveyor deployment in Wärtsilä’s central distribution center.

workflow builder

Empowers customers to take full control over their business

Workflow Builder is a drag and drop development toolkit directly within FetchCore, our cloud-based software platform that enables on demand automation. Workflow Builder lets customers implement automation workflows on-demand without the need for third-party resources.

amr platforms for research

Develop next generation technologies with research robots

Zebra’s Fetch Mobile Robot Base and Fetch Mobile Manipulator  provide a common robotics platform for researchers around the world to collaborate and share research. The Fetch robot research platforms were designed to work with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) for the greatest common usability and familiarity.

Fetch Robotics Mobile Manipulator
Fetch AMR Base for Commercial solutions

Design Your Own AMR Solution

If you are looking to create your own customized automated solution for commercial deployment, Fetch Robotics offers the Freight100 Base, which includes upgraded hardware, more extensibility and power options, and our proven FetchCore software for customizing robot tasks.

Our partners have gone from design to deployment in as little as 3 months with accelerated development using the tools Fetch provides. Learn more about how you can bring your automation vision into reality with Freight100. 

Fetch Robotics Freight 100 Base

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