Automated Cycle Counting

Automate cycle counting, physical inventory, and enhance inventory visibility with RFID and AMRs

Manual Inventory Cycle Counting
Cycle Counting

Inventory Accuracy is More Important Than Ever

With e-commerce booming as a result of the pandemic, inventory accuracy is more important than ever to ensure you have the right product in the right place at the right time. Even with a WMS in place, the only way to confirm the inventory you have is to do physical inventory, but given the size of most warehouses, doing physical inventory has many challenges. Manual inventory is extremely labor and time intensive, and as such it’s a very expensive process. Because of this, it’s rarely done more than twice a year, providing only an infrequent snapshot of inventory data. And to do it properly, physical inventory and cycle counts require facility downtime for wall-to-wall counts which costs even more. Even after all this time and money, manual counts are prone to error and double counting.

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Automating RFID Cycle Counting

Our TagSurveyor solution enables you to do 24×7 data collection in live warehouse environments. The system automatically and continuously performs the most consistent, accurate count of inventory and related property using RFID technology. With RFID tags on your products, TagSurveyor will autonomously collect data in your warehouse and send it to a secure cloud platform. On your chosen device, you will see a visualization of all your tagged inventory including physical locations of products and any missing, misplaced, or extra items, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and free up staff to handle higher-value tasks like picking, restocking or customer service. Inventory can now be done multiple times a day, automatically updating your WMS so you have the most up to date information and allowing you to stop issues before they develop.

Automated Cycle Count with TagSurveyor

Smarter Inventory Management using RFID and AMRs

UHF RFID technology is becoming the standard technology for distribution centers and manufacturers to count and track their inventory. Next generation technology like TagSurveyor allows innovative companies to find, track, and count their inventory autonomously while improving inventory accuracy and reducing costs. automatically detaches from the FetchCart and is ready for the next task.

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Meet the Robot

Perform automated cycle counts and verify your inventory count throughout the day with RFID and TagSurveyor

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Deploy in hours with FetchCore Enterprise Software

FetchCore is our cloud-based application for deploying, operating, and optimizing our entire portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for material handling automation and data collection.

Monitor your entire Fetch Robotics AMR fleet across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments, customize and schedule robot tasks, and gain actionable insights all within an app that runs on any web device with a compatible browser. With FetchCore, robots can begin operating in just hours – not days, weeks, or months.

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