Dunnage Transport

AMRs can handle the long haul by autonomously transporting cardboard, packaging, and other materials to recycling

Warehouse Recycling
Detrash & recycling

Clearing the Clutter

Whether you are looking at your returns, packing, kitting, manufacturing, or shipping processes, there is a lot of leftover material that clogs up your revenue generating areas within your facility. Many sites have dedicated employees who will remove this trash and recycling to the appropriate areas, but in an already labor strapped market, these roles have high turnover and remain expensive to fill.


Let Robots Do the Hauling

Leave the recycling and rubbish removal to the robots and dedicate your human resources to more productive tasks. With our heavy load AMRs you can schedule your robot to pick up a bulk (gaylord) container filled with refuse and remove it without the need of a forklift, tug, or manually moved cart. When your robot is not removing trash and recycling from your stations, it can be repurposed easily to do other productive workflows like delivering replenishment flow racks to the line in manufacturing sites or completed pallets to shipping in a distribution center.

Warehouse Detrash

Autonomous Recycling Removal

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In this example a full bin can be picked up using a tablet and an empty bin will be delivered. Pick up and delivery can also be set up on an automatic schedule using FetchCore.

Fetch Robotics CartConnect and FetchCart
Featured use case

Remove Gaylords and Containers for Corrugated and Dunnage

Using FetchCarts with attached containers you can collect and automatically transport corrugate, dunnage, and recyclables to processing areas away from busy production areas and packout stations. Keep aisles and floors organized and unobstructed, while repurposing labor to higher level tasks. Our AMR solutions can help support company green initiatives and certifications such as ISO 14001.

Meet the Robots

Fetch Robotics CartConnect


Autonomously pick up and drop off carts for increased productivity and utilization.

Warehouse Detrash

FetchCart Base

FetchCart Base can accommodate a wide variety of storage options for your recyclable payloads such as containers, bins, and shelves.

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Deploy in hours with FetchCore Enterprise Software

FetchCore is our cloud-based application for deploying, operating, and optimizing our entire portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for material handling automation and data collection.

Monitor your entire AMR fleet across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments, customize and schedule robot tasks, and gain actionable insights all within an app that runs on any web device with a compatible browser. With FetchCore, robots can begin operating in just hours – not days, weeks, or months.

FetchCore WorkFlow Builder