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Navigating you through increased fulfillment demand & labor challenges

Part of the new Fulfillment Solution, the RollerTop Guide is a purpose-built batch or wholesale picking solution based on the original, tried and tested RollerTop AMR system.

RollerTop Guide is designed to maximize productivity in picking operations that utilize conveyors, sortation, and other mechanized automation as part of the workflow. To enhance worker and robot collaboration, RollerTop Guide comes equipped with an adjustable top module featuring an integrated touchscreen, built in barcode scanner, and brand new smart LEDs that enable put-to-light functionality.

Customers using the RollerTop AMR series can replace long stretches of fixed conveyor, reclaiming up to 13% of precious warehouse space, increasing the life span of a facility by up to 5 years and often reducing cycle time in the process. 

Through WMS / WES integration, associates can achieve higher pick rates without needing to manually move totes and bins to the next stage of order processing. RollerTop Guide will direct the associate which items to pick, and autonomously transport the load to a powered or non-powered conveyor, and automatically discharge the tote. RollerTop Guide then returns to the pick module for its next pick, as directed by the WMS or WES.

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SOFTWARE features

New FetchCore™ Fulfillment software optimizes picking operations

A newly released FetchCore Fulfillment software package adds even more functionality to our cloud robotics software suite. Designed to fully leverage the new fulfillment-focused capabilities of the FlexShelf and RollerTop Guide AMRs, FetchCore Fulfillment makes it easy to setup robots, design custom picking workflows, manage and prioritize picking waves, visualize worker and robot activity, and gain valuable insights from real-time metrics.

With FetchCore, you can designate physical pick locations on a digitized map of your facility directly in the software, with no need to add location labels or markers to your racking or shelves.

The new Wave Manager feature allows for simultaneous processing of both wave-based picking, as well as urgent or hot orders that need to be prioritized ahead of the current wave. 

With the Pick Heatmap, warehouse managers can schedule different waves, change wave priorities, and track history to help with future reslotting.

Advanced fulfillment analytics enable leaderboard status of employees and teams by providing picking comparison metrics helping further improve worker productivity.

All of this is available from a single, unified view, enabling up to 3X picking productivity in your fulfillment operations. 

RollerTop Guide Conveyor
Autonomous Conveyor Handoffs

Automatically transfer payloads to conveyors

Picked orders in totes or bins can be automatically discharged to both motor-driven and non-motorized conveyors using RollerTop Guide. RollerTop Guide uses the same precision alignment technology as our original RollerTop AMR to autonomously dock with conveyors. The optional SICK Telematic Data Collector allows RollerTop Guide to communicate directly with connected mechanized automation to trigger payload transfer. These features help increase the efficiency in facilities with existing conveyor workflows, by allowing workers to focus on picking, while RollerTop Guide handles the order transport, discharge of totes containing each or batch picks, and induction of empty totes for delivery back into the pick module.

AMR Safety

Uncompromising safety, now powered by machine learning

Debuting with FlexShelf and the latest FetchCore Fulfillment software package is FetchCoret™ Insight, an advanced safety feature which enables Fetch AMRs to identify  forklifts and order pickers for dynamic hazard avoidance.

This unprecedented capability is enabled using cloud-based machine learning algorithms on AMR sensor data to train models that are deployed on Fetch AMRs.

In fasted-paced omnichannel warehouse environments, lift trucks, humans, and robots may all be traversing the same aisle at the same time. With FetchSight, our AMRs will detect a forklift and avoid traveling into its path. Robots can also identify order pickers and will automatically navigate and reposition to prevent placing itself under the blind spot of an elevated order picker.

The entire portfolio of AMRs including the FlexShelf, FlexShelf Guide, and RollerTop Guide all conform with ANSI RIA R15.08, the new AMR safety standard, leverage existing WiFi infrastructure, and do not require facility modifications nor QR codes to be placed throughout the facility.

RollerTop Guide Safety
RollerTop Guide WMS WES Orchestration
Optimized Picking

Enable dynamic orchestration of humans & robots

By integrating your WMS or WES with our Cloud Robotics Platform, you can aggregate pick data across numerous orders and enable collaborative picking for faster fulfillment. The system determines the best-next-move for each human associate and mobile robot based on their real-time location, current tasks, and task priority.

Because the integrated system is dynamic and intelligent, new rush orders can take precedence over standard orders in the pick queue, and be instantly updated to the combined human and robot workforce. The system will identify the nearest available associate and robot to fulfill the order in the most efficient path possible. 

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