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FetchCore is mission control for your autonomous mobile robot fleet with robust built-in features, all accessible from anywhere.

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Deploy in hours, not days with FetchCore™️ Enterprise Software

FetchCore™ is cloud-based robotics software that gives you complete control of your robots and automation by deploying and fully integrating a wide range of automated workflows into your warehouse and manufacturing operations.

Fetch Core Robotics Cloud Software
FetchCore Software

All the features you need for deploying and managing AMRs

FetchCore’s comprehensive catalog of cloud-enabled features and services are designed to work in sync with the largest, safest, and most flexible lineup of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in the industry. Accessible from anywhere, FetchCore offers true flexibility to customize, manage, and analyze any operation, from optimized picking to automated material transport to inventory tracking.

FetchCore Software Features

FetchCore Analytics


Monitor robot status and visualize performance metrics across sites

FetchCore Maps


Create a detailed, annotated map of your facility, robots, and devices on the map

FetchCore Robots


Real time view of all robots including each robot’s status, details, and settings

FetchCore Devices


View a list of all connected devices, including status, details, and settings

FetchCore WorkFlow Builder


Create and extend your Fetch automation solution using WorkFlow Builder

FetchCore Triggers


Triggers allow external systems and devices to initiate or continue a workflow in FetchCore

FetchCore Configuration


Manage customized settings for robots, HMI displays, and time zones

FetchCore StartRobot


Use StartRobot to interact with robots on a mobile-friendly web app on your own device

FetchCore Advanced Analytics

Analytics +

Measure robot actions to create custom metrics and dashboards (requires additional subscription)

FetchCore Feature

Build and Annotate Maps

Map annotations provide information about your facility. Robots use this information to successfully perform tasks and navigate the environment.

  • Create keep-out Zones
  • Designate speed Limit Zones and Preferred Paths
  • Add charge docks, robot and cart positions
  • And much more
FetchCore Feature

WorkFlow Builder

Workflow Builder allows customers to compose customer solutions for AMRs and devices by dragging and dropping graphical blocks into a workflow:

  • Exception Management
  • Conditionals
  • Accessories add Triggers & Actions, including native Zebra blocks
WorkFlow Builder
FetchCore Feature

Schedule Custom Workflows

The WorkFlow Builder Scheduler provides an easy way to assign robots to workflows and define when and how often workflows are executed.

  • Quickly visualize which robots are currently scheduled for a workflow
  • Schedule a workflow for multiple events of different durations and recurrence
WorkFlow Scheduler

FetchCore WorkFlow Builder Overview

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We designed WorkFlow Builder to be incredibly easy to use, accessible from within our cloud-based platform, and with no WMS required, allowing customers to have integration-less integration in their facilities within days. This allows customers to see ROI almost immediately, especially when acquired with a RaaS model. This way, you can keep improving the workflows until you’re satisfied with the results, and then integrate if desired. If the business needs change, for example if peak season is over, you can easily adjust or redeploy a different workflow.

Fetch Academy
Fetch Robotics AMR Sensor Safety

AMR Safety

AMRs are smart enough to recognize and react to people and forklifts and safely perform their tasks no matter how busy the surrounding environment.

Fetch 101
Manufacturing Industry

Fully Integrated Workflows

FetchCore includes built-in tools for light integration with external systems as well as APIs and SDKs for full integration with your WMS, WES, or MES.