Keep Your Workforce Safe with Autonomous Disinfection

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Breezy One™ Fogging Disinfection Robot

Breezy One is the first autonomous disinfecting robot built for large scale facilities like warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and airports.

In only 1.5 hours, one robot can autonomously decontaminate a 100,000 square foot space using a patented, EPA-registered, U.S. government developed and tested disinfectant that is safe for humans after only 2 hours. Breezy One is designed specifically for large, essential workplaces to help our country get back to work while making employees’ jobs safer and easier. 

All of this is built on best in class cloud-based Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology with advanced mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance making it safe around people in dynamic environments.

smartguard uv

Disinfect Targeted Areas with SmartGuard UV™

Introducing SmartGuard UV, the premier high intensity, broad-spectrum UV robot for disinfecting high traffic areas and shared spaces from Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, quickly and safely with no toxic chemicals and with no wait time for employees to re-enter the area.

The UV Pulsed Xenon system produces germicidal UV-C, UV-B, and anti-bacterial UV-A to deactivate the DNA and RNA of organisms. SmartGuardUV is not only proven to be 99.9% effective against Coronavirus, but also effective against viruses such as Ebola, Norovirus, and Influenza as well as mold, fungus, and bacteria that may be in your facility.

The robot can be programmed to relocate to different positions in an area or room, pulse, rotate and pulse again to maximize UV coverage. Scheduling of disinfection can be initiated or modified from anywhere using a mobile device, browser, or integration with a scheduling system. 


The Complete Large Space UV Disinfection Solution

Fully autonomous UV disinfection for all environments including sports facilities, workout and locker areas, manufacturing, hotels, general fitness clubs, warehousing, hospitals, offices, airports, and wherever people gather. Each robot offers quick disinfection with minimal downtime and can disinfect up to 1,000 feet of linear surface areas in an eight-hour shift. Employees can resume using the area as soon as the UV lamps are off. 

PUROBOT UV is safe, with built-in motion sensors to prevent accidental UV exposure. Plus, the 4SITE cloud-based platform automatically records event validation and tracks performance. And best yet, it disinfects spaces automatically.

Fetch AMR Base for Commercial solutions

Design Your Own AMR Solution

If you are looking to create your own customized automated solution for commercial deployment, Fetch Robotics offers the Freight100 Base, which includes upgraded hardware, more extensibility and power options, and our proven FetchCore software for customizing robot tasks.

Our partners have gone from design to deployment in as little as 3 months with accelerated development using the tools Fetch provides. Learn more about how you can bring your automation vision into reality with Freight100. 

Fetch Robotics Freight 100 Base