Dramatically increase pick rates with Fetch Robotics AMR solutions 

Fetch Fulfillment Solution
Fulfillment Solutions

Introducing Fast, Flexible Fulfillment With Up To 3X Pick Productivity

Today’s warehouse operations are caught between soaring demand and critical labor shortages. They desperately need to increase throughput and improve efficiency—and the fulfillment solution from Zebra can be the workforce multiplier they’ve been looking for.

FlexShelf Autonomous Mobile Robots for Fulfillment

Pick more orders faster and safer than ever before

Collaborative picking with AMRs has never been more flexible – with multiple screen options, highly adjustable shelves, and other accessories such as garment rods, FlexShelf offers the most storage  combinations for transporting picked orders safely and efficiently. 

Fulfillment Solutions

Revolutionize fulfillment with FlexShelf and FlexShelf Guide

Introducing the FlexShelf line of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), part of a new end-to-end fulfillment solution brought to you by Zebra Technologies and Fetch Robotics, the pioneers of on-demand warehouse automation.

Increase productivity up to 3 times by augmenting workers with robots that are 50% faster and carry larger and heavier payloads than the competition. Ensure the highest levels of accuracy and safety as pickers move faster than ever before while leveraging unique pick-to-light and put-to-side capabilities.

Deploy an intelligent automation solution, powered by an open architecture, that leverages your existing systems and does not require modifications to your facilities.

Fulfillment Solutions

Integrate picking with exisiting conveyance with RollerTop Guide

Part of the new Fulfillment Solution, RollerTop Guide adds even more functionality to the original RollerTop AMR system.

RollerTop Guide is designed to maximize productivity in picking operations that utilize conveyors, sortation, and other mechanized automation as part of the workflow. To enhance worker and robot collaboration, RollerTop Guide comes equipped with an adjustable top module featuring an integrated touchscreen, built in barcode scanner, and brand new smart LEDs that enable put-to-light functionality.

Customers using the RollerTop AMR series can often replace long stretches of fixed conveyor, saving precious warehouse space for storage or value-added operations. 

RollerTop Guide Integration
FlexShelf AMR
Each Picking

Increasing Pick Productivity

Piece picking remains at the core of many distribution and fulfillment operations, but with large providers like Amazon and Walmart driving the need to ship goods quickly, it is more important than ever to optimize your picker’s time to get goods out the door fast. Regardless of if you have optimized your pick path and/or the picking method, you use with wave picking, zone picking, or batch picking, issues like chronic labor shortages and insufficient space for inventory continue to plague the fulfillment industry.

Using our cloud-based AMRs and integrations with leading WMS and WES providers, you can optimize your piece-picking workflows by orchestrating humans and robots using vision, voice, or handheld devices. This maximizes UPH / LPH, reduces congestion in aisles, and greatly decreases order turnaround time.



How it Works

  • Associates receive instructions from the WMS or WES via device or from the screen of a robot
  • Items are picked and placed directly on the robot, tote, bin, or shipping box
  • The robot automatically moves to next pick, then transports items to the packout or consolidation area once complete
  • Improve speed, accuracy and productivity
  • Enable workers to pick and sort multiple orders at once via visual prompts
  • Reduce dwell time spent waiting for robots
Pick to Fetch Cart


How it Works
  • Associates stay in their pick zones and receive instructions from the WMS or WES via device or on-robot
  • Items are picked and placed directly onto the FetchCart, which can also support boxes, totes, or bins
  • The robot picks up loaded FetchCart and drops off the cart at next picking zone or transports cart to the packout or consolidation area once complete


  • Improve speed, accuracy and productivity
  • Keep workers in a specific zone to reduce congestion in aisles
  • Enable workers to pick and sort multiple orders at once via visual, voice, or RF prompts
  • Robots show up only as needed to move carts
  • Reduce dwell time spent waiting for robots

Meet the Robots

FlexShelf AMR


Optimize fulfillment and pick more orders faster and safer with increased speed and capacity.

RollerTop Guide Conveyor

RollerTop Guide

Add flexibility to conveyor-based workflows with automated tote transport and conveyor handoffs.

Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Delivery


Enhance productivity by autonomously transporting totes, bins, and packages on-demand.

Fetch Robotics CartConnect


Autonomously pick up and drop off carts for increased productivity and utilization.

Zebra Fetch Dynamic Orchestration
Full System IntegrAtion

Enable dynamic orchestration of humans & robots

By integrating your WMS or WES with our Cloud Robotics Platform, you can aggregate pick data across numerous orders and enable collaborative picking for faster fulfillment. The system determines the best-next-move for each human associate and mobile robot based on their real-time location, current tasks, and task priority. Order, batch, and case picking optimized workflows can be further enhanced using vision, voice, or handheld devices.

Because the integrated system is dynamic and intelligent, new rush orders can take precedence over standard orders in the pick queue, and be instantly updated to the combined human and robot workforce. The system will identify the nearest available associate and robot to fulfill the order in the most efficient path possible