Future Roboticists Accelerate Learning with Fetch Mobile Manipulator

Fetch Mobile Manipulator
Fetch Mobile Manipulator

Meet Your New Lab Partner

Purposefully designed for typical human working environments, the Fetch Mobile Manipulator provides an affordable, fully integrated standard platform for mobile manipulation research.


Fetch in Action Around the World

See how universities are enabling future roboticists to create automation solutions using Fetch in a showcase of various hands-on demos and projects from schools around the world.

Fetch Mobile Manipulator
FetchResearch in Simulation

FetchResearch in Simulation

Both the Freight mobile robot base and the Fetch mobile manipulator have simulated counterparts using the Gazebo simulator. To learn more, view our FetchResearch in Simulation document.

The Fetch Mobile Manipulator in Action

Mobile Manipulator Specifications

Fetch Robot

Weight​ 113.3kg (250lbs)​​
Height 1,096mm (43.15in) down,
1,491mm (58.70in) up
Base footprint 508mm (20in) wide, 559mm (22in) dia.
Max speed 1.0m/s (2.23mph)
Turning radius Turn in Place
Degrees of freedom 13 (base, torso lift, 7-DOF arm, gripper and head)
Environment Indoors
Charge time 3hrs to 90%


Processor Intel i5, Haswell
Hard Drive 120GB SSD
Wireless Integrated 802.11ABGN and 802.15.1
Speaker 4 speakers, 10 Watts per channel

7-DOF arm

Payload (at full extension) 6kg (13.23lbs), 5kg (11.02lbs) with gripper installed
Arm length to gripper mount 940.5mm (37.25in)
Max end effector speed 1.0m/s (2.23mph)

Gripper modularity interface

Mechanical Based on ISO 9409-1 50-4-M6
Power 24V@2A
Communication Ethernet


2D laser SICK, 25m, 220 degrees
3D RGB-D Camera (head) Primesense Carmine 1.09 in head
IMU 6-DOF IMU in base (1), gripper (1)


Head 1x USB 2.0
Mount points On top of base and on top of head
Video port HD video port
Other ports 2x USB 3.0, 1x Ethernet


Max grasp force 245N
Max gripper opening 100mm (3.94in)
Wrist max pickup 6kg (13.27 lbs)
Grip weight 1kg (2.20 lbs)
Compatible with external grippers


Installed software Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with ROS Melodic
Installed applications ROS Navigation, MoveIt!, joystick teleop, calibration