Evolving Role of Piece-picking Robots in Fulfillment Operations

FlexShelf AMR

A summary of the Modern Materials Handling article, “Piece picking robots make their mark” Between labor pressures and consumer appetites for e-commerce purchases, the need to improve the speed and accuracy of the “pick” in fulfillment operations is growing. Advances in robotic technology, including software-driven autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), enable robots to improve productivity and […]

Why Distribution Centers Are Jumping Into Large-scale Robotic Deployments

A summary of the DC Velocity article, “Pilot paralysis no more: DCs go all in on robots“ Robot adoption in distribution centers hit an all-time high in 2021, with close to 40,000 units sold valued at over $2B. The drivers: e-commerce spikes fueled by the pandemic and continued labor shortages. In an interview with Ben […]

Consumer Behavior Driving Transformation in Warehouses

A summary of the Forbes article, “What’s Driving The Need For Robots In The Warehouse?” What’s driving the need for transformation of the once-humble warehouse? In this article on Forbes.com, Jim Lawton, Vice President and General Manager, Zebra Robotics and Automation, makes the case that, in large part, consumer behavior is a driving force behind […]

Why Workflow Optimization Is The Future of Warehouse Performance

A summary of the Modern Material Handling article, “Managing people and autonomous robots together” In Feb. 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average turnover rate in warehousing was 43%. That is a significant – and expensive – challenge for warehouse operations, distribution centers and 3PLs. Solving that problem is at the heart […]

Warehouse Operators Plan to Increasingly Invest in Robotics

A summary of the DC Velocity article, “Five-year outlook calls for more warehouse tech investments.” Zebra’s 2022 Warehouse Vision Study, released this month, found that transportation and logistics executives expect a greater focus on technology that can help improve operations and meet business objectives without a greater focus on technology to improve operations. The survey […]

Prioritizing Safety While Deploying Mobile Robots

A summary from the Robotics Business Review article, “Safety First – Ensuring Mobile Robots Will Not Pose a Risk to Workers.” Robots have come a very long way since Unimate – the first industrial robot deployed by General Motors in the 1960’s. Advances in software, cameras, sensors and more have created the innovative category of […]

Streamline Manufacturing Operations with the Power of Robotics

A summary of the SME.org article, “AMRs Not Just New AGVs.” Adding mobile robots to Zebra’s robust portfolio of barcode scanners, handheld mobile computers, etc. adds value for customers seeking to streamline efficiency and improve productivity in labor-intensive operations like manufacturing and fulfillment centers. The article explores the innovation that combines brains – software – […]

Using Social Navigation Behaviors to Optimize AMR Performance

A summary of the Formant article”5 Takeaways from the Robotics Summit & Expo 2022″ featuring Zebra Robotics Automation. Making it possible for robots and people to work together is a passion for Melonee Wise, VP-Robotics Automation at Zebra. As the founder of Fetch Robotics, the advanced autonomous mobile robot (AMR) widely deployed in warehouses, manufacturing […]

Key Drivers Behind Workflow Automation in Order Fulfillment

A summary of the Automation.com article, “Warehouse Operators Driven to Automate for Workforce Augmentation” Prior to the pandemic, warehouse robot adoption was on track to grow 6-8% annually through 2024. Then the global pandemic struck and warehouse operators serving the e-commerce market found themselves faced with exponentially surging order volume, higher customer expectations for accuracy […]

Rakuten Super Logistics Improves Efficiency with Mobile Robots

A summary of the Logistics Management article, “Rakuten Super Logistics picks Zebra robotics automation solution to increase warehouse productivity” As the pressure increases to improve efficiency, throughput, and accuracy in fulfillment operations, the pace of automation accelerates. The need to improve picking efficiency and eliminate unnecessary steps in order to maximize productivity of front-line workers […]