Compact Wrist Controller

Aravind Vadali created a motor controller board for a new prototype wrist during his summer internship at Fetch Robotics. His project involved schematic capture, board layout, and firmware development. Testability was key to every step of the project, especially board layout. While the controller board leverages portions of our existing electrical architecture, this new board also utilized a number of new integrated circuits that had to be tested before integration.

All of our electrical and mechanical internship projects undergo our standard procedures for design review and release. In addition to being a great learning experience for interns, this ensures that the prototypes developed have a clear path to future commercial use.

Aravind will be returning to Fetch this summer for a second electrical engineering internship. While Fetch Robotics has filled all our summer internships spots, we’ve just posted our fall-semester openings for interns. Check it out here!

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