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We are excited to announce key improvements to our portfolio and strategic collaboration with other industry leaders to transform operations. Here’s everything we announced at MODEX.

Fetch Robotics is excited to be at the forefront of robotics and automation for fulfillment, manufacturing, and distribution centers globally. Last week, our team debuted some of our latest solutions and announced key partnerships at the MODEX show in Atlanta, GA. MODEX showcases the latest in manufacturing and supply chain innovation, and connects leading companies with cutting-edge technology.

These announcements are part of our dedication to building the right solutions for our customers, leveraging our expertise in robotics while working with respected industry partners to simplify complex operations. At MODEX, we announced collaborations with two industry giants: Zebra Technologies and their FulfillmentEdge solution, and Koerber Logistics (formerly HighJump). These partnerships allow us to offer a unique and robust automation solution that completely transforms warehouse operations through fulfillment optimization and AMRs. We also announced Workflow Builder, our drag-and-drop development toolkit that lets customers create and modify automation workflows directly within our cloud-based platform with no third-party integrators or coding required. Finally, we announced a new addition to our broad portfolio of AMRs, and to the industry’s first and only automated cart transport solution for large payloads – the CartConnect500 that can lift and carry payloads up to 500lbs.

All these key improvements to our portfolio of AMRs allow us to fully optimize and transform fulfillment operations in a way that hasn’t been done in our industry. Unlike other fulfillment-focused AMR companies that are limited to piece picking, our enhanced fulfillment solution offers Warehouse Execution System (WES) functionality from Zebra FulfillmentEdge, Koerber Voice, and Koerber Warehouse Advantage Warehouse Management System (WMS) to our customers across each, case, and pallet workflows. Additionally, Workflow Builder allows customers to deploy AMRs in warehouses within hours and interleave non-WMS workflows on-demand all through the cloud, without the need for additional IT infrastructure. Finally, our CartConnect500 AMR offers a case picking solution for large payloads, lineside pallet delivery, and workcell flowrack delivery all while reducing the need for injury-prone forklifts and pallet jacks.

Unlike other fulfillment-focused AMR companies that are limited to piece picking, our enhanced fulfillment solution allows optimization across each, case, and pallet workflows.

Interested in more information? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Learn more about the exciting news that we announced at the show:

Zebra FulfillmentEdge Integration

We are excited to collaborate with Zebra Technologies to help fulfillment and distribution centers adapt to today’s increased demand. This collaboration combines the breadth of Fetch AMRs that can carry payloads from 100kg to 1500kg, with the picking optimization and AMR orchestration of Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge™ solution. This new joint solution not only optimizes collaborative picking across multiple orders while dynamically orchestrating workers and robots, but does so for piece picking, case picking, and pallet building. 

While AMR movements are orchestrated for picking, you can also interleave other non-picking operations such as removal of recycling, reverse logistics and restocking of packing stations by directing AMR through scans from Zebra handhelds. This solution transforms manual material movement into a high-value and productive task for pickers and simplifies training for new workers, reducing training and onboarding by 90%. What’s more, the release of our new development toolkit WorkFlow Builder (mentioned below) within FetchCore, our cloud-based software platform, has made this process even simpler by allowing customers to create and modify workflows in real-time through visual blocks that you can drag and drop.

Leveraging an industry giant like Zebra for WES capabilities allows us to focus on what we do best: offering the broadest portfolio of AMRs in the market that customers can implement in hours. 

Read the blog | Read the press release | Learn more about Zebra FulfillmentEdge

WorkFlow Builder

Workflow Builder is our new drag-and-drop automation toolkit that allows customers to design, implement, and redesign their own workflows for their Fetch fleet of AMRs from within FetchCore, our cloud-based software that enables on-demand automation. We developed Workflow Builder to make it incredibly simple for customers to deploy AMRs quickly, perfect AMR workflows, and then integrate with a WMS or WES if desired.

Workflow Builder is a new approach to an industry with customers that can be risk-averse. While other solutions solve for a specific application, we’ve built our platform to be incredibly simple, scalable, and flexible, allowing our customers to take back the control and innovate their businesses themselves while gaining full confidence in their decisions.

WorkFlow Builder allows our customers to modify existing workflows without costly integrations, and enables them to deploy flexible automation in days, allowing all the work to be done in-house through a drag-and-drop interface that’s incredibly simple to navigate.

Read more on our blog | Read the press release | Watch the video


You can utilize WorkFlow Builder to create workflows for all our AMRs, including our latest addition – the CartConnect500.

CartConnect500 is the autonomous cart transportation solution for large payloads up to 500lbs. As part of Fetch Robotics line of AMRs that can move payloads from 100kg up to 1500kg, and a new addition to the industry’s first cart solution for various payloads, the CartConnect500 aims to reduce manual travel traditionally done with a forklift and pallet jack – responsible for thousands of injuries per year.

The CartConnect500 features an attached lift module that picks up a FetchCart, a detachable, industrial-grade cart specifically designed for the CartConnect500. The CartConnect500 supports various workflows including case picking, line-side delivery, recycling and trash removal, and much more. Like the rest of our extensive portfolio of AMRs, the CartConnect500 may be deployed in hours through FetchCore, our cloud-based software that delivers on-demand automation.

Read the blog | Learn more about CartConnect500 | Read the Forbes article

Partnership with Koerber Supply Chain

Koerber and Fetch announced a strategic partnership where Koerber will resell Fetch AMRs into the Koerber Supply Chain customer base.  Unlike other fulfillment focused AMR companies that are limited to piece picking, we are focusing our engagements around Koerber voice solution and WMS solutions that have WES functionality.  This will provide Koerber customers with optimized fulfillment across piece, case, and pallet workflows.  

This partnership will allow us to transform and automate warehousing and logistics by allowing customers to solve supply chain complexities through this unique combination of industry expertise from Koerber and next-generation AMR technology from Fetch.  

Read the press release

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