Fetch Robotics 2018 Robot Predictions: Clever Problem Solving, Disruptive Technology Solutions and the Logistics Industry’s Secret Weapon in the New Year

Robots are hotter than ever. Between technological advancements in the space, massive strides in commercial usability and record breaking investments, 2017 was the year robots truly entered our collective psyche. With all this in mind, the brass at Fetch Robotics decided to break out the crystal balls and offer their top robot predictions and related thoughts on what we should expect in 2018. Below are the results.

Clever Problem Solving With Robots and Humans
Fetch Robotics builds platforms that can be configured to perform a number of tasks in 3PL environments and that can work across multiple applications seen across different business units.

In 2018 and even beyond, I expect to see more and more warehouse workers comfortably working alongside their robotic colleagues in these environments and business units. Too much of the narrative around robots in the workplace today is robots or humans, when the reality is robots and humans.  

By making sure these robots are efficient, safe, and simple to use, Fetch Robotics will help with that transformation. So far, our vision has proven to be quite popular. – Melonee Wise, CEO, Fetch Robotics

Increased Recognition of AMR Systems by 3PLs, Manufacturers and Warehouses
In 2018, the market will further understand the numerous applications for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems.

AMRs are sophisticated machines. They are packed with powerful on-board computers and sensors, and can adapt to dynamic working environments. AMRs are also smart enough to recognize and react to people, cars, and forklifts, while safely doing their jobs no matter how busy the surrounding environment. The tasks AMRs can perform contribute greatly to the speed and agility required of modern 3PLs, manufacturers and warehouse operations.

In 2018, I predict these organizations will increasingly recognize the advantage of utilizing flexible AMR systems that work alongside people. The ones that understand this can expect to experience a tremendous increase in throughput, efficiency, and productivity. – John Stewart, VP of product management, Fetch Robotics.

Microdistribution Centers Will Become More Realized
As traditional retail stores continue to fight for survival in the online retail era, brick-and-mortar locations may actually be their key to salvation. Major big box stores have already begun operating fulfillment centers for online shopping out of their physical locations.  I expect this trend of micro-distribution centers to accelerate into 2018.  Increased traffic and congestion in major cities is already causing strain within the system to meet current delivery commitments.  Micro-distribution keeps stock close to consumers in every region and helps retailers compete with 1-day or even same-day delivery speed.  The adoption of a flexible and fast-to-deploy autonomous mobile robot platform will be one of the keys to success in this new paradigm. – Joe Lau, director of product marketing, Fetch Robotics

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