FetchCore making it easy for DHL partner Wärtsilä

FetchCore Management Software has made it easy for DHL partner Wärtsilä to set up and deploy robots into their central distribution center.

With FetchCore, workflows can be set up and modified quickly to accommodate today’s dynamic warehouse environments – all without the need of complex programming.  The robots are easy to operate.  Workers interact with them via a touch screen and send them on their journeys with a push of a button.

In order to train the robot to its new environment, the user simply walks the robot through the warehouse.  The robot automatically scans and maps the environment, making the map also available to all other robots.  Following this first round, locations of the different packing and loading stations are then assigned.  The robot also learns to differentiate between no-go and accessible areas as well as zones with speed limits.  All of this is easily configured in FetchCore!

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