International Women’s Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day! Fetch wanted to take the time to honor, celebrate, and recognize all the amazing women, not just those working with Fetch but all the inspiring women who have touched our lives. We stand in solidarity with IWD and their mission to; Celebrate Women’s Achievements, Raise Awareness about Women’s Equality, Lobby for Accelerated Gender Parity and to Help Fundraise for Female Focused Charities. We all know there is a gender gap, particularly in Tech and (as I have discovered more recently) more so in Robotics.

Fetch has been on the forefront of AMR solutions and we couldn’t have gotten where we are today without our Founder and CEO, Melonee Wise. You can learn more about her path to robotics in the video below.

We asked a few of our women Fetchers to share their experiences working in Tech on male dominated teams and in predominantly male industries. Read on to find out more…

How did you get into Tech/Robotics?

“It is a bit of a long story, but I actually new that I wanted to go into engineering from Middle School! I got accidentally placed in a rockets class elective which I had not selected, and though I didn’t really want to do it and was scared of being one of only 2 girls in the entire class, I loved it! We got to build rockets, toothpick bridges, and so much more and I discovered it was so much more fun than other arts electives for which I had registered. I suppose I was also lucky growing up that both my parents were also engineers and could advise me.”

“I was born into a family of Multimedia Production, basically a creative geek at heart. Video Production lead to HW/SW embedded systems engineering, ultimately landing me at Fetch Robotics.”

“I initially learned more about the tech industry during my time at San Jose State University. Fortunately, there were career fairs available to students like myself and these companies supported diversity in the workplace. That was when I landed my first job in a software company. I then realized that I loved being surrounded by innovative minds – and working in Robotics was a plus because of how cool our Fetch products are!”

“I grew up in the Bay Area so tech was all around me and I feel robotics has such huge potential to help people all around the world that I wanted to be a part of that journey.”

“I was working in a different sector and wanted to try something different. My current position matches my non-technical skillset and exposes me to other potential career paths within tech.”

“My background is in writing, anthropology, and then a few years in luxury fashion in NYC so I really didn’t start as a ‘real tech person’ until about 27. However, I was interested in web design and learned everything I could on my own through small freelance jobs that eventually became full time. I found myself asking ‘what exactly are we doing and why?’ a lot more than ‘what should this look like?’ so it was a natural transition to user experience. I now work more closely with engineers to translate the technical nature of an application ecosystem into a simple and valuable experience for our users.”

“I studied Cognitive Science at UC Santa Cruz and found a community of like-minded folks who were interested in studying the relationship between people and technology. I joined a Human-Robot-Interaction lab and the rest is history!”

What advice can you give to women who aspire to be in Tech?

“Whether you are looking at tech and think it’s cool but worry that it is not the place for you or already want to be a part of it, come ask! There are so many paths into tech and no one right way. Many would love to have you join the tech scene.”

“Be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table. Your unique point of view is often what tech needs.”

“To all the women who aspire to be in the tech industry, or any industry for that matter, keep on striving to reach your goals and don’t let anyone create your boundaries.”

“Find allies who can help you get through the tough situations. There are just as many people who want to support the effort of equality in tech as those against, so focus on the good.”

“There are many non-technical support positions available at tech companies that can be great for those seeking for a career change.”

“Don’t ever let anyone, ANYONE, tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t stretch your goals or your mind. Including yourself. Especially yourself.”

“Apply. Reach out. Build community. You got this!”

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