Partner Interview: Surgere Teams Up With Fetch Robotics To Eliminate Inventory Tracking Failures

Inventory Tracking Accuracy Is Now Ensured Using RIFD-enabled Robotics Solution

Surgere Teams Up With Fetch Robotics To Eliminate Inventory Tracking Failures

Since forming in 2004, Surgere has made its mark in supply chain management as a provider of visibility and control technologies that increase data accuracy, manage assets and reduce costs for its customers. Several months ago, the company partnered with Fetch Robotics on a mission to eliminate inventory tracking failures within the manufacturing, supply chain and logistics verticals. We caught up with David Zingery, Head of Strategy & Growth, Surgere, to discuss the company’s experience developing its robotically assisted inventory and cycle counting platform, ROBi, and how the market has reacted to the one-of-a-kind solution.

What goal was Surgere aiming to achieve when the company teamed up with Fetch Robotics?
When we teamed up with Fetch Robotics, our goal was to create a solution that eliminated inventory tracking failures in the supply chain. We provide multiple acquisition technologies that leverage RFID tracking sensors to locate assets/data points at different stages in the supply chain.

What was the solution you came up with?
Together, we developed ROBi. ROBi is a fantastic solution for warehousing and high-turnover inventory facilities, and is special because it integrates RFID technology with Fetch Robotics’ DataSurvey automated data collection platform. The result is a solution that can autonomously capture RFID label information from a variety of angles and directions. From there, ROBi transfers asset identification and location data to Surgere’s cloud-based asset management system, providing a level of visibility that simply wasn’t possible until now. With ROBi, there’s no assumptions or gut-feelings. ROBi delivers real time inventory tracking data, eliminates the need for manual counting, and prevents inventory tracking systems failures.

Partner Interview: Surgere Teams Up With Fetch Robotics To Eliminate Inventory Tracking Failures Once and For All w/ ROBi Platform.
                 ROBi integrates RFID technology with Fetch Robotic’s award-winning mobile robot platform. LEARN MORE:

What made you choose Fetch Robotics as a partner?
We had previously explored integrating technologies like drones and other mobile and fixed devices to develop the solution we envisioned. After rigorous testing, we determined a robotics platform was the way to go when looking for accurate asset data in dynamic and fluid warehouse inventory environments. Fetch provided us with exactly what we needed — an autonomous mobile solution that automated inventory tracking and can quickly and easily accommodate add-on technology. Once we engineered a path that tied our two company’s offerings together, ROBi was born.

How have your customers reacted to ROBi?
ROBi’s ability to track assets moving through the supply chain has inspired our clients to imagine. Its ability to track inventory consistently, safely and quietly, allows our customers to rest easy knowing their inventory is counted closely and accurately on a constant basis, ultimately enabling them to focus on more important functions of their jobs.

Beyond satisfying your customers, how else has ROBi benefited Surgere?
The data captured by ROBi feeds Surgere’s supply chain visibility and control solution, COS™ — our asset management software which manages material flow and optimizes fleet performance. The location data ROBi collects enhances our ability to help our customers avoid shortages caused by misplaced packaging, as well as delays that disrupt production and increase cost. Partnering with Fetch Robotics has nicely complemented our already-powerful and very successful solution.


Autonomous data collection solutions from Fetch Robotics that accurately track inventory can transform the way you manage inventory in your facility. If you would like to learn more about how Fetch Robotics’ solutions improve inventory management while working alongside people, check out the links below the video. If you would like to discuss your immediate needs now with one of our solutions experts you can schedule a free consultation here.

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