Recycling Removal Using AMRs

No matter how lean or green your operation is, creating, shipping, or storing goods creates a lot of recycling and refuse that takes up valuable space in your facility. And, lest we end up in a ‘Wall-E” style situation, somebody has to take out the recycling or trash. With the growing shortage of labor, why have a human collect the recycling or trash and manually move it across a warehouse or manufacturing facility? Not only does this take your valuable employee away from revenue generating tasks, it is also a task that your employees don’t get satisfaction from. Using a forklift could take some of the time out of this process, but using forklifts (and their specialized and certified drivers) for this task means this valuable equipment and operator can’t be doing the high value tasks they are specialized for. Additionally, forklifts moving bulky gaylords of trash/recycling adds additional risk to your facility.

While it may not be the most glamorous task, our AMRs are up for the job. Both of our CartConnect solutions, our CartConnect100 and our CartConnect500, can quickly automate your recycling and trash removal process – and the setup couldn’t be easier. You can simply set up a schedule in FetchCore, use the device of your choice to initiate a pickup including a tablet, handheld scanner, or voice, or even connect with your WES.  

And the great thing about the CartConnect solution is that it can be used for other types of workflows when it’s not removing recycling or trash, including picking, replenishment, putaway, kitting, line feeding, and workcell delivery. Once the facility is mapped, you can also leverage any of Fetch’s other AMRs to eliminate virtually any manual movement of material in your facility.  

Leverage your associates for higher value work, not removing recycling or trash. Not only does it benefit your business, but it also gives your associates higher job satisfaction.  

Check out Fetch’s CartConnect100 robot in action below:  

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