One Year Later: How Zebra and Fetch Robotics became better together, to the benefit of front-line workers

Zebra and Fetch Robotics, One Year Later

Just ask our customers. It has only been one year since Zebra acquired Fetch Robotics, yet we’ve helped customers overcome numerous challenges through our rapid, joint innovation. For example, we launched the industry’s most comprehensive picking solution yet just four months after the teams joined forces. This solution which consists of three new autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) – FlexShelf, FlexShelf Guide, and RollerTop Guide – and a new FetchCore fulfillment software package for order or batch picking was deployed by customers a short month later. But that’s not all that we’ve done to help customers lately.

In this podcast discussion you get to hear from Jim Lawton, who leads Zebra’s Robotics Automation business, and Melonee Wise, who is driving Zebra’s robotics automation innovation efforts within the Chief Technology Office. They discuss and share insight on current innovations in robotics, and what the integrated robotics automation team has been able to accomplish since coming together only one year ago.

Visit Zebra’s Your Edge Blog to tune into the podcast interview and learn:

  • Why Jim Lawton is on a mission to make robots more accessible to companies of all sizes.
  • What Melonee Wise and other roboticists are doing to make everyone more comfortable deploying and working around industrial robots, especially autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). 
  • How you might see AMRs working together with RFID, machine vision, mobile computing and even printing platform to improve workflows and help to make front-line work easier and help supply chain companies better keep up with demands from customers and regulators.

  • How AMRs are helping warehouse operators, manufacturers and other companies simultaneously stop “The Great Resignation” and catch their operational capacity up to customers’ demands in the “on demand economy.”
  • What’s on the automation innovation roadmap for Zebra+Fetch for the next 12 months 
Tune in now.

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