View a Digital Map of Your Warehouse and Inventory with TagSurveyor, Now with Data Visualization

The health of a company's supply chain can make or break its success. Adopt these 3 warehouse strategies to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

View a Digital Map of Your Warehouse and Inventory with TagSurveyor, Now with Data Visualization

Today’s most successful 3PLs, manufacturers and retailers understand that inaccurate data and misplaced items can affect a facility’s bottom line – from labor costs required to perform physical inventory counts, to lost revenue spent on closing down operations to reconcile inventory, to thousands of dollars spent to correct errors. Despite these efforts, physical inventory counts are labor-intensive, error-prone, and often fail to provide location-specific information when items need to be moved or shipped. Being unable to physically pinpoint misplaced inventory and the source of the issue can prove to be a major challenge especially during busy seasons that occur throughout the year. During peak season, the last thing you’d want as a manager are stock-outs and missing items, which are frustrating for everyone involved.

Surveys conducted by researchers in the retail supply chain have shown that inventory records are inaccurate for a whopping 65% of retailers. According to these studies, utilizing RFID technology is a key solution to misplaced inventory and reduced lead-time. By solving for poor inventory management practices and reducing lead times by 50-80%, many retailers and manufacturers have increased their profitability and market share and is considered to be key factors in achieving a world-class operation. 

As a response to this, we are very excited to announce key improvements to TagSurveyor, the cycle counting robot that autonomously and continuously scans RFID data in fulfillment centers, DCs and warehouses. With built-in localization capabilities coupled with cloud-based software, customers can now create a comprehensive digital map of their entire facility and track all changes made since the last survey. What’s more, TagSurveyor can autonomously and continuously run with self-charging capabilities, which allows customers to do multiple cycle counts per day, or through the weekend when the facility is closed to avoid overtime work for staff.

This allows customers to visually locate missing inventory, highlight any changes in the counts, and view movements within the warehouse, with data available in real-time 24/7 on their warehouse’s digitized map. To-date, customers utilizing TagSurveyor have read over 200 Million tags, saved thousands of hours from physical inventory counts, and increased accuracy and lead times, while allowing warehouse staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Key features and enhancements to TagSurveyor include: 

  • Data Visualization tools. TagSurveyor customers can now create a digital map of their facility with inventory information displayed directly on our FetchCore Cloud Platform.
  • 24/7 data gathering. TagSurveyor can continuously gather data for 20 days with autonomous charging capabilities.
  • Improved reporting tools. Customers can download their survey results with any discrepant inventory counts highlighted.
  • Search functionality. Warehouse managers can now search for and locate specific EPCs on the digital map.
  • Enhanced RFID coverage. TagSurveyor’s three RFID antennas can reach up to 80+ degrees of sensor coverage and up to 25ft+ of read range to reach tall shelving.

The ability to continuously cycle count and geo-tag data throughout the entire facility allows TagSurveyor customers to be more data-driven than ever, which helps keep them agile in an ever-changing industry. Plus, this data can also be used as a process improvement tool to gain insight on what the warehouse can do better – which items need to be checked more regularly? Does the facility have too much of one item at a time? If there’s a discrepancy, is the issue with the vendor, location efficiency, or the workflow? Being able to visually pinpoint these changes and errors allows for better purchasing decisions and peace of mind for the facility as it evolves into the future.

Current customers with mapped facilities can seamlessly deploy TagSurveyor with data visualization capabilities in just a few hours. With real-time updates sent on the cloud, 3PLs, manufacturers, and retailers that only need to do a few cycle counts throughout the year may also deploy TagSurveyor so on an as-needed basis with our Robotics-as-a-Service offering.

For customers interested in purchasing TagSurveyor, please contact your Strategic Account Manager.

For warehouses interested in automating your warehouse, click here to get started.

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