The Fetch Robotics AMR and Warehouse Automation Essential Monthly Link Roundup

The Fetch Robotics AMR and Warehouse Automation Monthly Link Roundup ensures you never miss the best news and feature articles from the world of AMRs and warehouse automation. At the beginning of each month, you can expect a curated roundup of articles authored by the best journalists and bloggers on the web.

The Fetch Robotics Monthly Link Roundup

AMR and Warehouse Automation News From March 2018

Each month, a staggering amount of AMR and warehouse automation news articles, feature stories and think pieces are published across the web.

The daily hustle and bustle of everyone’s lives makes it easy to miss all this great content authored by such an amazing group of intelligent, passionate and forward-thinking people.

With this in mind, today we’re officially launching the Fetch Robotics AMR and Warehouse Automation Monthly Link Roundup. At the beginning of each month, you can expect to find a curated roundup of these articles from the previous month designed to fulfill all of your AMR and warehouse automation desires.

Please be sure to give some love to all the reporters and bloggers who authored these pieces by shouting them out and sharing their work across social media.

Without further ado, here are the essentials from March 2018!



Humans And Robots Collaborate In Today’s Warehouses
Digitalist Magazine
By Rosina Geiger
March 1, 2018

20 Inspiring Women (and Girls) Changing the World of Robotics
Ozobot Blog
By Heather Myers
March 13, 2018

Job Destroyers or Helpers? Amazon, FedEx Hiring More Robots & Humans
By Jeff Engel
March 19, 2018

FedEx Follows Amazon Into the Robotic Future
The New York Times
By Cade Metz
March 18, 2018

Q&A: Denis Niezgoda, Robotics Accelerator Lead at DHL
Supply Chain Digital
By James Henderson
March 13, 2018

Warehouse Management (WMS) / Inventory Management Technology: 6 Trends for the Modern Age
Logistics Management
By Bridget McCrea
March 1, 2018

People Are at the Center of the Robotics Revolution
MHI Solutions
By Fiona Soltes
March 23, 2018

Independent Grocer In Athens, Georgia, Testing Shelf-Scanning Robot
The Shelby Report
By Lorrie Griffith
March 16, 2018

New study: Mobile Robots in Logistics Centres to Exceed $3B in 2022
Robotics & Automation
By Anna
March 27, 2018

FedEx Stepping Up Robotics Operations to See Off Amazon
Robotics & Automation News
By Sam Francis
March 19, 2018

Medical and Logistics Sectors Maturing and Experiencing Rapid Growth
The Robot Report
By Frank Tobe
March 4, 2018

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