The Future is Now: Learn How RK Logistics Plans to Combine Fetch Robotics and SAP Technology to Deliver the Warehouse of the Future

WAREHOUSE OF THE FUTURE: Learn how RK Logistics teamed up with Fetch Robotics & SAP to improve throughput, efficiency & productivity.

The Future is Now: With RK Logistics

RK Logistics is a leading logistics provider that supports high-tech businesses in the Silicon Valley area. The company has plans to combine Fetch Robotics and SAP technology to deliver a custom robotic solution that simplifies how they manage high-volume, time-definite warehouse operations. Watch the short clip below to learn how this unique “warehouse of the future” collaboration is helping RK Logistics create value for its customers with improved throughput, efficiency and productivity.

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Learn more about how Fetch Robotics’ solutions improve throughput, efficiency, and productivity while working alongside people

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