Customer & Partner Testimonials

“We chose Fetch Robotics over other options because we felt that Fetch would be the best partner for our business, and every day since then has validated that decision.”

- Cindy Traver, Vice President of Operations, RK Logistics

"You don't need to know any programming to manage the fleet. Intuitive software teaches the robots how to work together in a dynamic environment. Our robotic system is up and running and has already saved our operators walking up to 32km per day."

"What is quite impressive is the flexibility of the solution and how easy it is to adjust to our needs."

- Bastiaan Snaterse, Project Manager, DHL Supply Chain Consultancy and Innovation

"For us, safety comes first on the work floor. And as the robots combine data from multiple sensors to get a picture of their surroundings, they work safely with and around people.

What we found positive was that the system was implemented in only a few days and we did not need to install any additional hardware."

- Anne Traskback, General Manager of Parts Delivery, Wartsila

"The combination of Fetch Robotics and our warehouse management system means that warehouse operators benefit from more efficient operation.

This integrated warehouse functionality allows logistics companies to automate the transportation of picked and packaged goods within their warehouse and drastically improves the efficiency of the warehouse workers.”

- Franz Hero, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics Development, SAP

"As businesses look for solutions to streamline operations and meet the needs of an on-demand economy, we see a tremendous opportunity for robotics to solve that problem. The team, the robots, and the timing all led us to Fetch Robotics.”

- Kabir Misra, Managing Director, SoftBank Group US, Inc.

“After rigorous testing and evaluation, we’ve arrived at a place where our decision was solidly in favor of robotics over drones and other mobile and fixed devices. We found ROBi is a much more accurate and granular form of RFID data acquisition in automotive environments."

- Bill Wappler, CEO, Surgere