Advance Autonomous Mobile Development with Freight Research Base

Freight Research base

The Original AMR Platform

With their highly extensible hardware design, Freight autonomous mobile bases have become great enablers for researchers and corporate innovation centers looking to develop mobile robotic technologies.

AMR Base For research

Meet The Platform

The Mobile Manipulator and Freight Research Base provide a common robotics platform for researchers around the world to collaborate and share research. The research platforms were designed to work with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) for the greatest common usability and familiarity.

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our robot roots

Willow Garage & ROS

CEO Melonee Wise was the second employee at famed robotics lab Willow Garage, where she helped create the Robot Operating System (ROS), the PR2 robot, as well as the Turtlebot. Since the launch of these products, they have become the standard tools used for robotics research and development.

Our short form video “Build Something,” which originally debuted at ROS World 2020, chronicles Melonee’s journey in the field of robotics and automation.

OEM Base for Commercial solutions

Design Your Own AMR Solution

If you are looking to create your own customized automated solution for commercial deployment, we offer the Freight100 Base, which includes upgraded hardware, more extensibility and power options, and our proven FetchCore software for customizing robot tasks.

Our partners have gone from design to deployment in as little as 3 months with accelerated development using the tools we provide. Learn more about how you can bring your automation vision into reality with Freight100. 

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