Fully Integrated Workflows

Optimized Order Picking, Batch Picking and Case Picking.
Just-in-Time manufacturing material delivery.

Full System Integration

Automate Your Automation

While AMRs can always be deployed in isolation to eliminate manual material movement, there are numerous cases where AMRs should be fully integrated with warehouse or manufacturing systems and processes. Integrating with a WMS or WES in a warehouse provides optimized picking while not creating an island of optimization within a fulfillment or distribution center. Integrating with a MES or ERP enables pull-based workflows such as work cell delivery, line feeding, or work-in-progress movements.

Integrate Any System With Fetch
Optimized Picking

Enable dynamic orchestration of humans & robots

By integrating your WMS or WES with the Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform, you can aggregate pick data across numerous orders and enable collaborative picking for faster fulfillment. The system determines the best-next-move for each human associate and mobile robot based on their real-time location, current tasks, and task priority.

Optimized order, batch, case, and pallet picking workflows can be further enhanced using vision, voice, or handheld devices.

Because the integrated system is dynamic and intelligent, new rush orders can take precedence over standard orders in the pick queue, and be instantly updated to the combined human and robot workforce. The system will identify the nearest available associate and robot to fulfill the order in the most efficient path possible. 

Fetch Vision AMR
Fetch CartConnect100 Line Feed
pull-based manufacturing Workflows

Automate Delivery of Raw Material and Kits with AMRs

Leave the manual material movement to our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). These robots can bring carts, flow racks, or pallets of goods to the line or to a work cell without any of your workers having to leave their stations and without any changes to your facility. 

With our integrations to manufacturing systems such as a MES, AMRs can become a connected element of your manufacturing processes and automatically bring goods to your lines or work cells based on the inventory that has been used by that line or work cell. AMRs can also be tasked from network connected buttons, handheld scanners, sensors, and mobile devices to bring a cart, flow rack or pallet of materials directly to the line from raw materials storage. If there is an empty cart, the AMR can also return that to the restocking stations for future replenishment requests

optimize scarce labor resources

Optimize Replenishment with AMRs

It’s simple. By using cloud robotics and native integrations with your WMS, WES or ERP, you can decrease the amount of labor needed to move materials between reserve storage and primary/forward picking zones in your site. The WMS or ERP will tell the associate that an item needs to be replenished at the same time it directs one of our AMRs to meet the picker in the reserve storage aisle. The picker places the item needing replenishment directly on the robot or on a robot-friendly cart. The robot is then directed to meet another replenishment associate in the forward pick aisle to place the goods in their directed locations.

This allows your replenishment staff to increase their available picking time by over 50% by interleaving picking and replenishment. 

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Flexible path to automation

Fetch Integration Levels
Zebra Fetch Robotics FlexShelf AMRs

Intelligent Orchestration with Manhattan and Fetch

Getting maximum throughput within fulfillment and distribution centers requires coordinating and orchestrating every single asset to work together including automation, robotics and people. Now Manhattan Associates addresses that challenge with the industry’s first WES built into a WMS, combined with the new Fulfillment Solution from Zebra and Fetch.

Fulfillment orchestration through a unified Manhattan and Fetch solution enables continuous optimization through artificial intelligence across advanced automation, mobile robotics, and human associates which results in maximum asset utilization, order throughput, and fulfillment margins.

Koerber Supply Chain

Körber and Fetch have the Advantage

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Along with more products, suppliers, and distribution channels to meet heightening consumer expectations, businesses are faced with global labor challenges. New and emerging technologies, such as robotics, can help. However, many businesses struggle with implementation, integration, maintenance, training and costs. Together, Körber and Fetch overcome these challenges.

Through integration with Körber’s warehouse management systems innovating customers looking to keep up with explosive e-commerce demand can enable voice-directed, AMR assisted collaboration to enhance fulfillment, picking, replenishment and beyond. The result is a truly flexible automation platform – providing immediate value by simplifying operations, maximizing productivity and making the most of capacity.

Fetch Koerber Integration
Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Loading

The Future of E-Commerce Fulfillment

The growth of e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment has pushed companies to optimize their order fulfillment processes to gain efficiencies and to do so with more speed and accuracy.

The combined solution from Fetch and VARGO® enables a single system to provide optimized piece, batch and case picking workflows with payloads up to 1 1/2 tons for e-commerce, retail distribution and omnichannel operations. Vargo’s COFE®’s “pull-based” fulfillment optimization can yield efficiency gains of over 30 percent compared to sites driven by traditional “waved/push-based” warehouse management systems. When combined with Fetch’s AMRs, COFE® can offer further efficiency gains by allowing workers to spend more time picking as opposed to manually moving material throughout a facility and can use insights about overall warehouse operations to improve robot workflows.

Full System Integration

Reinvent your operations with fully optimized resources

You know what operational challenges you need to solve and what solutions will provide maximum benefit. Fetch makes it easy to integrate with any system so that you can hit the ground running. With partners including Manhattan, Koerber, Honeywell, Vargo, Zebra and more, you can leverage your existing system to orchestrate mobile robots from Fetch. For full system integration, Fetch provides APIs to seamlessly connect to many of the leading WMS, WES, and MES providers.

Available Integration Tools
Python SDK
Python SDK
Java SDK
Java SDK
FetchCore System Integration

Fully Integrated: Picking Optimization with Zebra FulfillmentEdge

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Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies and Fetch Robotics optimize warehouse performance by orchestrating human workflows and autonomous material movement. Zebra FulfillmentEdge gives your operations a modern approach to picking without changing your existing WMS or backend systems. Fully utilize the features of your Android mobile devices and today’s latest technologies such as wearable mobile computing, scanning, a head-mounted display, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). 

Picking instructions from Zebra FulfillmentEdge are presented to workers in an optimized graphical user interface on a head-mounted display for multiple orders, while AMRs are also directed to move completed picks without human intervention, keeping workers focused on high-value tasks. Productivity dramatically increases, while training time decreases.

OUt of the Box

Add system independent workflows as needs arise

With our solutions, different AMR types can be seamlessly added to FetchCore with no remapping required, and you can also move AMRs to different areas within the same facility without modifying any fixed infrastructure. This gives you the flexibility reassign or add AMRs for new products, seasonal spikes, labor shortages, or for any manual workflow that can benefit from autonomous material transportation. 

Non-integrated workflows such as dunnage and recycling removal, replenishment of packaging materials, or even returns processing can be setup in FetchCore independently of system integration.

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FetchCore Cloud Software

FetchCore™ is cloud-based robotics software that gives you complete control of your robots and automation.

Out of the Box Automation

AMR workflows can be initiated in a variety of methods, by both the warehouse operator and WMS, WES, or MES.