Lineside Delivery

On-demand delivery of material to production lines using AMRs

Fetch Robotics CartConnect500 Flowrack Replenishment
Lineside Delivery

Keep the Line Moving

According to Analyst firm Aberdeen Research, 82% of companies have experienced unplanned downtime over the past three years. Some lineside replenishment workflows rely on employees moving carts of materials throughout your facility to and from the line, which is an unproductive use of time that can result in line stoppage if materials are delivered late. Forklifts are also used for lineside delivery, which introduces a significant safety risk, requires specialized training and pay for forklift drivers, and does not solve the issue of materials arriving late to a line and causing an unplanned downtime. 

Fetch Solutions

Automate Delivery of Raw Material and Kits with AMRs

Leave the manual material movement to our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). These robots can bring carts or pallets of goods to the line without any of your workers leaving their stations and without any changes to your facility. With our integrations to systems such as a MES, AMRs can become a connected element of your manufacturing processes and automatically bring goods to your lines. AMRs can also be tasked from network connected buttons, handheld scanners, sensors, and mobile devices to bring a cart, flow rack or pallet of materials directly to the line from raw materials storage. If there is an empty cart, the AMR can also return that to the restocking stations for future replenishment requests

Fetch CartConnect100 Line Feed

Production Line Feeding with AMRs

Automated material handling has never been so simple. Just use any web-enabled device to request a pick-up and select a drop-off location. The nearest CartConnect robot will then automatically move to the pick-up area, dock with the loaded FetchCart, and transport it to the selected drop-off area. Upon arrival, CartConnect automatically detaches from the FetchCart and is ready for the next task.

Meet the Robots

Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Delivery


Enhance productivity by autonomously transporting totes, bins, and packages on-demand.

Fetch Robotics CartConnect


Autonomously pick up and drop off carts for increased productivity and utilization.

Fetch Robotics CartConnect500 Lift


Pick up and deliver large format, customizable carts for eaches, cases, and kits.

Fetch Robotics PalletTransport1500 Case Picking


Automate pallet movements with a built-in lift module and available Pallet Transfer Station.

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Deploy in hours with FetchCore Enterprise Software

FetchCore is our cloud-based application for deploying, operating, and optimizing our entire portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for material handling automation and data collection.

Monitor your entire Fetch Robotics AMR fleet across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments, customize and schedule robot tasks, and gain actionable insights all within an app that runs on any web device with a compatible browser. With FetchCore, robots can begin operating in just hours – not days, weeks, or months.

FetchCore WorkFlow Builder

Take the next step!

Learn more about how flexible automation can improve productivity in your facility. Get started today by contacting the automation experts at Fetch Robotics.

Take the next step!

Learn more about how flexible automation can improve productivity in your facility. Get started today by contacting the automation experts at Fetch Robotics.