Out of the Box Automation

Deploy and re-deploy automated material transport on-demand in hours, not months.

Out of the Box AUTOMATION

Start with built-in features to get up and running in hours

Our AMR solutions are designed to provide the shortest time from delivery to operation by leveraging the power of the cloud. AMRs can be set up in just hours and the process is as simple as unpacking the robots, mapping your facility using FetchCore, and creating your first workflow using our drag and drop interface, WorkFlow Builder. 

The robust out-of-the-box functionality enables you to manage costs and reduce risks by quickly deploying, measuring results, and perfecting workflows as needed.

Out of the Box Automation

What is On-Demand Automation?

The Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform enables on-demand warehouse automation by deploying in any facility in just hours without additional infrastructure. Our automation solution can adapt and operate in a variety of environments, including distribution, fulfillment, and manufacturing centers. You are not limited to a single-function workflow as with traditional automation or specialized AMRs. With the power of our Cloud Robotics Platform, modifications to material transport and data collection processes are just a click away.

On-Demand Automation means:


Deploy automation at will

In any
facility, as-is
Without installing IT systems
Any Scale
At any scale
With flexibility to change on the fly
Unified Data
And unified data you can use anywhere

A flexible path to automation

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Built-in Tools
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WorkFlow Builder

We designed WorkFlow Builder to be incredibly easy to use, accessible from within our cloud-based platform, and with no WMS required, allowing customers to have integration-less integrations in their facilities within days. If business needs change, you can easily adjust or redeploy a different workflow.

Want to connect your system but don’t want to do any development? Use the built-in Webhooks feature in WorkFlow Builder to create an automated call at any stage of a robot workflow to provide real-time updates to your system, such as when a workflow begins, when a robot completes a particular action, or when an action fails.

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Built-in Tools
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WorkFlow Builder: Triggers

Triggers allow external systems and devices such as tablets, barcode scanners, or even a WMS, to initiate or continue a workflow in FetchCore, without any coding needed.

A trigger is an API endpoint used by an external system or device to start or continue a workflow in FetchCore. Trigger data can be sent to the endpoint to define information for that workflow such as what positions to use. Or, that data can be predefined in FetchCore. You can also optionally send metadata.

Out of the Box: Handheld-Driven AMRs with WorkFlow Builder

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Learn how FetchCore’s built-in tools can quickly and easily integrate handheld scanners and
barcode triggers to initiate AMR tasks and complex workflows with no coding required.

Fully Integrated

Ready to take your automation further?

WorkFlow Builder can simplify setup for even the most complex workflows by allowing exception handling, and linking automatic robot tasks, but integrating with your WMS, WES or MES can open up optimized solutions for fulfillment, distribution, and manufacturing by orchestrating robots, people, and inventory across the operation.

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Manufacturing Industry

Fully Integrated Workflows

FetchCore includes built-in tools for light integration with external systems as well as APIs and SDKs for full integration with your WMS, WES, or MES.

Fetch Vision AMR

Devices & Sensors

AMR workflows can be initiated in a variety of methods, by both the warehouse operator and WMS, WES, or MES.