Autonomous Image Capture

Fetch Robotics and Trax partnering to empower retailers by converting data into actionable, real-time insights.


“We’ve built a ground-breaking disruptive technology for retailers. Fetch is an innovation leader in robotics with advanced robotics in mapping and navigation software.

Steve Hornyak
Trax, CEO Americas

Six high-resolution cameras for efficient data collection

The Fetch Robotics ShelfSurveyor features six high-resolution cameras which ensure retailers can capture even the smallest box and barcode details in just a single pass.

Best of both worlds

By combining best-in-class robotics with best-in-class analytics, the Fetch-Trax partnership has produced a more accurate and practical computer vision solution that enables retailers to capture shelf images more effectively.

Better data

Increase the reliability of photo and video capture through steady and precise robot movement. Six high resolution cameras ensure you capture even small box and barcode details in a single pass.

More data, more often

Send your mobile camera array out as often as you like. Frequent photo and video captures arm you with the most timely, and most valuable, information.