Autonomous RFID Tag Tracking

Surgere, an industry leader in providing visibility and control within a digitized supply chain, created ROBi to help automate cycle counts and improve overall accuracy of on-hand inventory within automotive manufacturing and warehouse environments. TagSurveyor is ROBi’s underlying mobility platform.


“After rigorous testing and evaluation, we’ve arrived at a place where our decision was solidly in favor of robotics over drones and other mobile and fixed devices. We found ROBi is a much more accurate and granular form of RFID data acquisition in automotive environments."

- Bill Wappler, CEO, Surgere

Keep accurate counts

As a dedicated RFID tracking solution, TagSurveyor can continuously verify inventory counts. Spot and address problems or discrepancies before they become bigger issues.

Consistent and reliable

With three RFID interrogators mounted for optimal coverage, TagSurveyor can consistently and reliably detect tagged products up to 25ft away.

Locate items

Through our detailed maps within FetchCore, RFID tag locations can be visualized. Search for a specific tag if product gets lost or misplaced to prevent unnecessary searches or expedited re-orders.