The FetchCore™ Cloud Robotics Platform for On-Demand Automation is a cloud-based software platform for deploying, operating, and optimizing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems for material handling and data collection applications. Manage and monitor entire Fetch Robotics AMR fleets across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments.

"You don't need to know any programming to manage the fleet. Intuitive software teaches the robots how to work together in a dynamic environment. "

- Bastiaan Snaterse, Project Manager, DHL Supply Chain Consultancy and Innovation

Optimize Your Warehouse In Just Hours

Create and schedule workflows in minutes for your Fetch Robotics VirtualConveyor and DataSurvey AMRs, all through a simple click and drag interface. The intuitive FetchCore interface allows you to quickly create or modify mobile robot tasks and schedules to complement any warehouse optimization strategy.
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Fastest Time-to-Automation

Spin up robot workflows within hours vs days, weeks, or even months, taking automation velocity to the next level. Deploy robots immediately, and instantly adapt workflows as your operations change.
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Adapts to Changes Instantly

Expand your initial warehouse automation investment in real-time as your business grows. Unlike traditional automation equipment (e.g. conveyors), Fetch Robotics AMRs are easy to re-deploy and configure.
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Secure and Reliable

Industry leading uptime and security is made possible by the cloud. No need for additional IT hardware for support and service. The cloud ensures you not only have the latest FetchCore features, but also the latest security updates.
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Simple to Use, Simple to Manage

The FetchCore platform requires no specialized training. Its intuitive interface make deployments and changes easy. Single pane-of-glass management provides a unified view of different types of Fetch Robotics AMRs across different maps and facilities.
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Plays Well With Others

Fetch Robotics provides a complete set of APIs and SDKs to simplify FetchCore integration with your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and other third-party business software.

Get Robots Working in Less Than 10 Minutes.

Watch Fetch Robotics CEO, Melonee Wise, use FetchCore to set up an AMR workflow with ease!

A simple click-and-drag interface along with a collection of selectable actions and micro-workflows make setup and re-configuring a breeze.