Autonomous Case and Pallet Transport

Freight500 and Freight1500 transport heavier cases and palletized workloads. Despite their large size, both robots still operate safely around warehouse associates and warehouse vehicles.

Transports Payloads up to 3,300 lbs.

Designed for maximum payloads and palletized material, Freight1500 provides industry leading capacity for an autonomous mobile robot.

Slim and Strong

At just 40-inches wide, Freight500 can maneuver through tighter areas and still handle payloads up to 1,100 lbs.

Safe Even Around Forklifts

Fetch Robotics dynamic obstacle avoidance enables safe and truly collaborative operation around people and fast moving vehicles like forklifts.

Deploy in Hours

The FetchCore Cloud Robotics Platform enables robots to begin work within hours -- as opposed to days, weeks, or even months.

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