Bridge the gap
between existing automations 
with the flexibility of RollerTop
Automatically Move From One Roller to Another. 

RollerTop brings more adaptability and increases automation in conveyor driven environments. Quick to deploy and navigates autonomously in conveyor-to-conveyor material transport.

Height Adjustable:
45.7cm (18in) - 91.4cm (36in)
Continuous Runtime: 
Autonomous Docking 
Charge Time: 
3hrs to 90%
2D Laser Sensor & 3D Cameras for navigation.
Cargo Dimensions:  
40.6cm (16in) width
60.9cm (24in) depth
35.6cm (14in) height
Max payload weight by height:
80kg (176.4lbs)
• Automate loading and unloading of totes and bins from conveyors or ASRSs

• Flexibly extend existing conveyor workflows

• Automatically trigger induction or deduction via Fetch Robotics' FetchCore software


From one Conveyor belt to another, it's just that simple. 


Extend and Adapt Existing Conveyance

RollerTop robots autonomously pilot their way to conveyor ends and/or ASRS ends to load and unload totes and bins.

Fully Autonomous Conveyor-to-Conveyor Handoffs

FetchLink controllers enable coordination of conveyor-to-conveyor handoffs through FetchCore.

FetchLink (optional, sold separately) is a networked industrial I/O device that serves as a bridge between the Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform and other industrial equipment such as conveyors, doors, and air showers. Automate hand-offs between RollerTop robots and active powered conveyors by connecting a FetchLink to any conveyor controller.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.03.48 AM

Precise, repeatable alignment

Precision markers and our Precision Alignment feature in FetchCore guarantee repeatable millimeter-level precision for reliable conveyor-to-conveyor interactions.

Deploy in Hours

FetchCore Enterprise Robot Planning (ERoP) is our cloud-based application for deploying, operating, and optimizing our entire portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for material handling automation and data collection.

Manage and monitor RollerTop robot, as well as your entire Fetch Robotics AMR fleet across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments. Robots can begin operating in just hours - not days, weeks, or months.

Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform 2019

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The Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform features the broadest range of AMRs in the industry.
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