Industry Analyst SPARK Matrix: Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), 2021 Report

2021 SPARK Report

Have labor challenges sparked your interest in Autonomous Mobile Robots, but not sure where to start?

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ 2021 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) market research report provides an in-depth analysis of trends driving significant AMR growth and adoption rates as well a comprehensive competitive analysis of 17 leading Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) vendors, resulting in the proprietary SPARK Matrix™ ranking and positioning chart to help you choose the vendor that best fits your needs.

Vendors were evaluated based on research findings of several parameters under the categories of Technology Excellence and Customer Impact. For the category of Technology Excellence, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions examined areas such as sophistication of technology, scalability, integration & interoperability, and application diversity. For Customer Impact, vendors were scored in categories including product strategy & performance, ease of deployment & use, and their unique value proposition.

If your manufacturing, fulfillment, or distribution operations are looking for a spark and are currently considering AMRs to automate unproductive, manual warehouse tasks, download the 2021 SPARK Matrix™: Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) report and get detailed market insights, competitive evaluations, and vendor rankings today!


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