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Zebra’s Journey to Robotics Automation 

Jim Lawton discusses the vision behind Zebra’s move into robotics automation

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Zebra’s Journey to Robotics Automation 

Zebra’s been in the warehouse for long time with mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions designed to improve operational performance.

Customer-driven innovation: Zebra moves into the robotics market

Today, our customers recognize that there’s no turning back on the changes driven by the 2020 pandemic and the following recovery. Customer expectations, constant uncertainty and the reality of labor constraints drive the urgency for innovative and effective ways to increase productivity, throughput and accuracy.For them, automation makes sense, but they need to figure out how best to deploy it: Where are the places to use it? What are the best workflows to use it? And what kind of results are possible by leveraging automation?

Our customers trust that we not only help them see what’s coming, we can help them meet whatever comes. Our move into robotics made sense as part of that responsibility, as they moved toward expanding automation in their operations,

We looked at the ways in which we can build on what they’re already doing in their existing facilities, with technology they’re already using, using robots and automation. We’re excited to be part of the robot revolution, and to help our customers achieve that next level of productivity through automation.

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