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Top 6 Ways Cloud Robotics Advance Your Operations

E-book: Making the Case for Fetch Robotics
Check out the top 6 ways that cloud robotics can impact your organization including minimizing IT burdens, improving safety, and providing business insights for managers.

Robots can mimic what people or fixed, automated systems do. They can move goods from one place to another, drastically reducing the amount of foot travel for workers. They can assist humans with order picking by bringing them the correct goods or being nearby when goods are picked manually from shelves. But unlike humans, they never get tired; and unlike traditional automation systems, they don’t take a year or more to acquire, install, test and deploy. 

Speed and flexibility are at the heart of why cloud robotics are a good fit for today’s challenges. Think in terms of on-demand automation—the ability to deploy automation at will, not only to assist human associates with order picking but for dozens of potential workflows in warehouses or manufacturing plants. Ultimately, cloud robotics helps a company on several vital fronts as detailed in this e-Book.

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