Waytek Improves Throughput by 25% With Autonomous Mobile Robots



Throughput Increase


Floor Space Regained

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Waytek, a leading distributor of automotive electrical components, faced an increasing demand for their goods over the last year. To meet this high demand, Waytek deployed Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from Fetch Robotics which helped them improve throughput by 25%. 

With a rise in component demand combined with the worker shortage, Waytek found itself in the midst of challenging times starting 2020. Their order volumes multiplied as a result of growth in e-commerce, but, they struggled to meet this new demand with their existing conveyor system. 

After deploying the Fetch AMRs, Waytek not only improved throughput by 25% but also realized that their workers were much happier as it reduced their workload and enabled them to focus on value-added activities. In addition, by replacing their conveyor system, Waytek was able to reclaim 13% of their distribution space in the warehouse. 

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