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Will robots replace humans in the warehouse?

Jim Lawton, VP-GM of Zebra Robotics Automation debunks the narrative that robots will replace humans in the warehouse.

How do you leverage both people and robots in the warehouse?

Our customers are really challenged to figure out how can they address the pressures that they’re under, how can they meet the expectations that their customers have, when they have this pressure from a labor perspective?

I recently gave a presentation to a number of CEOs of manufacturing and warehouse companies. And I asked them, “Are you struggling to get enough labor in order to be able to keep your operation up and running?” And 100% of the people in the room raise their hands.

And so companies are looking to figure out, what are the best ways to leverage the people that I do have? Because people are extraordinarily good at a number of tasks, creativity, judgment, picking, grasping, how do we have people do what they’re really good at, and then have robots do the rest? And so we’re really looking to use robots as a tool to supplement, and as a workforce multiplier, of the labor force that you do have.

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