Pick To Tote

On-demand delivery of totes and bins to sorting and packout using AMRs

Pick To Tote

Increase throughput and gain space with flexible automation

Traditional motorized conveyor can be efficient at moving material at high output rates, but this typically comes at a cost – initially as a heavy investment in time (for installation) and money, but once the conveyor system is anchored in place, it occupies a significant amount of floor space and is very difficult to modify if your operational needs change or grow. 

AMRs are a much more flexible alternative to conveyor when applied to the appropriate workflows. They can be deployed in a matter of days and routes can be changed on-demand as needed. Because they can travel autonomously in multiple directions, you can build non-linear workflows easily to support efficient and direct material transport, without waiting for material to loop around hundreds or even thousands of feet of conveyor before reaching its destination.

Traditional Conveyance

AMR Conveyor Benefits

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Pick to Tote with AMR Delivery

How it Works

  • Associates stay in their pick zones and receive instructions from the WMS or WES
  • Items are picked to a tote on the RollerTop, or totes can be dropped at a non-powered, tote retention table (TRT)
  • Robots are called for pickup using an IoT button or handheld device
  • The robot automatically moves to next pick, then transports items to the packout or consolidation area once complete


  • Automated tote induct /deduct to conveyor or ASRS
  • Optimize worker movements by focusing on picking, not unproductive walking and reduce the travel time of pushing carts to pack areas
  • Lower worker dwell and wait times for robots
Fetch Robotics RollerTop Front
Fetch Robotics Roller Top


Add Flexibility to Fixed Conveyors

Conveyor systems have dramatically increased industrial efficiency for years; however, these fixed assets are hard to adapt to today’s ever-changing material transport requirements. The Fetch RollerTop solution brings adaptability and increases automation in conveyor driven environments. With adjustable height and autonomous navigation, the RollerTops can pilot their way to conveyor and/or ASRS ends to load and unload totes and bins, so your employees can work on tasks that need human decision making instead of loading and unloading manually.