Shipping Lane Delivery

Autonomous transport of pallet payloads from storage to shipping docks

Shipping Lane Delivery

Let AMRs do the heavy lifting

As consumer demand continues to grow along with a greater diversity of SKUs, distribution operations are increasingly under pressure to deliver more, faster. And pallet conveyance requires a significant percentage of the workforce in many operations, including labor to operate forklifts, pallet lifters, and even conveyor systems in some operations.

Although forklifts are capable of moving heavy loads, qualified drivers require training and certification, and can be hard to come by in today’s tight labor market. They’re also one of the leading causes of warehouse injuries: an average of 34,900 serious injuries and 61,800 minor injuries each year, according to OSHA. That’s at least one accident per year for 11% of all forklifts currently in use in the U.S.

Introducing Shipping Lane Delivery with PalletTransport1500

AMRs can help solve these challenges by providing automation on-demand. This cost-effective solution increases your operational savings by reducing or eliminating the number of forklifts and operators your business requires for transport.

AMR Solutions

Shipping Lane Delivery

How it Works

  • Associates build a mixed pallet with order picker in storage aisles
  • Completed pallet is dropped on a Pallet Transfer Station and a robot is called for pickup using a tablet
  • Robot docks with Pallet Transfer Station, picks up pallet and delivers to shipping dock for trailer loading


  • Eliminate manual travel with a pallet jack or forklift and increase safety by automating pallets movements
  • Redeploy scarce workers
  • Reduce errors and wait times
  • Interleave other workflows such as dunnage removal for increased utilization
Fetch Robotics PalletTransport1500 Pickup


Autonomous Pallet Conveyance

Automating pallet transport reduces traffic and incidents and creates a less congested warehouse or manufacturing environment. With the PalletTransport1500 and Pallet Transfer Station, you can reduce dependency on forklifts and lift trucks, increasing safety while minimizing training time and cost. Ideal for workflows like kitting, zone picking, and pallet building, using the PT1500 you can move multi-sized pallets with payloads of up to 2500lbs around your dynamic facility with ease.