ASRS to Packout

Automatically transport materials to and from vertical & horizontal carousels, VLMs, and AS/RSs

Fixed Infrastructure

Compromsing on space with fixed conveyor transport

A Goods-to-Person (G2P) system, such as a Vertical Lift Model (VLM), provides a great alternative to traditional shelves and racking due to the higher storage density within a relatively small footprint. These systems help maximize precious square footage on your warehouse or factory floor.

G2P systems also increase pick rates and accuracy since operators can just request a SKU using touchscreen input.

Once the order is picked, traditionally you had 2 options: installing an expensive conveyor system, or manual transport.

Motorized conveyor can be costly to install and maintain, but also reduce the space you saved by installing the VLM in the first place. Conveyors also create congestion and access issues around your busy warehouse.

Manual Cart Transport

Not addressing the long haul

Storage carousels do a great job at reducing associate search and pick time, but manual travel can still consume a large percentage of an associate’s time, depending on the final delivery distance.

Workers scan spend over 50% of their time doing unproductive walking and in some cases walk up to 15 miles per day in large warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

With labor shortages on the rise, often skilled technicians are tasked to move material because there are simply not enough staff to handle order and prodution volumes.

AMR solutions

AMRs automate putaway and VLM delivery

Make manufacturing & distribution operations more flexible, adaptable, and scalable by deploying Fetch AMRs to handle material transport to and from storage systems.

At receiving, AMRs can be loaded with material as eaches or in totes, then dispatched to specific VLMs for putaway. 

Once product and material is picked from the VLM, it is placed directly onto an AMR or a FetchCart and automatically delivered to its destination, such as a putwall, packing, or shipping.

Your workers do not have to leave the VLM storage area and you do not need to install permanent infrastructure such as conveyors. 

With our AMR solution, it is possible to actually replace portions of your conveyors with mobile robots, saving you more space.

Learn how Waytek increased output and regained floor space with flexible automation.

Waytek, a leading distributor of automotive electrical components, faced increased demand for goods. To meet this high demand, Waytek deployed Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) which helped them improve throughput by 25%.  In addition, they were able to reclaim 13% of their distribution space in the warehouse by replacing their conveyor system.

Meet the Robots

Fetch Robotics CartConnect


Autonomously pick up and drop off carts for increased productivity and utilization.

Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Delivery


Enhance productivity by autonomously transporting totes, bins, and packages on-demand.

Fetch Robotics RollerTop Front


Automate loading and unloading of totes and bins from ASRSs and vertical or horizontal carousels

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Deploy in hours with FetchCore Enterprise Software

FetchCore is our cloud-based application for deploying, operating, and optimizing our entire portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for material handling automation and data collection.

Monitor your entire AMR fleet across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments, customize and schedule robot tasks, and gain actionable insights all within an app that runs on any web device with a compatible browser. With FetchCore, robots can begin operating in just hours – not days, weeks, or months.

FetchCore WorkFlow Builder