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2023 Robotics Competition

Shape the Future of Robotics: Go Further with Fetch

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Going live in 2023… ‘Shape the Future of Robotics: Go Further with Fetch’ is the only global University robotics competition to offer entrants the opportunity to win an AMR.

As part of their desire to inspire and support the next generation of roboticists, Zebra and Fetch are looking to identify and champion the robotics solutions of the future.

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The most widely adopted platform for robotics engineering programs

Since the introduction and widespread adoption of the Robot Operating System (ROS), the mobile manipulation and mobile service robot communities have seen great advances in robot capabilities. However, the lack of affordable and commercially available, fully integrated standard platforms remains a major barrier to further and faster advances. 

The Fetch mobile manipulator and Freight mobile robot were designed to be the affordable standard platform for the next generation of mobile robot applications. 

It’s no wonder that university programs around the world are equipped with a Fetch robot. Fetch provides students the freedom to design the automated solutions of the future.

our robot roots

Willow Garage & ROS

Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise was the second employee at famed robotics lab Willow Garage, where she helped create the Robot Operating System (ROS), the PR2 robot, as well as the Turtlebot. Since the launch of these products, they have become the standard tools used for robotics research and development.

Our short form video “Build Something,” which originally debuted at ROS World 2020, chronicles Melonee’s journey in the field of robotics and automation.

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featured project

University of Michigan Engineering

Michigan Robotics is bringing together leaders in the fields of robotics and autonomy, producing robots with unprecedented abilities. 

In this project, students envisioned robotics in the home to help the elderly maintain their independence, so created a service robot that could help with assisted living using a Fetch mobile manipulator. 

America, meet your new robot butler.

featured project

University of Washington

Robotics researchers at the University of Washington are engaged in ground-breaking work in mechanism design, sensors, computer vision, robot learning, Bayesian state estimation, control theory, numerical optimization, biomechanics, neural control of movement, computational neuroscience, brain-machine interfaces, natural language instruction, physics-based animation, mobile manipulation, and human-robot interaction. 

In this project, students developed an automated library book retrieval system using a Fetch mobile manipulator.

featured project

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Research in the UNCC Robotics Lab focuses on developing novel algorithms, technologies, and methodologies to enable and support the intelligent interactions of robots with the physical world and with other machines and humans in their environment. 

Current research focuses on multiple robot coordination, robot motion planning, inspection and monitoring, and manufacturing and automation. The lab is equipped with several state-of-the-art drones, mobile robots, and robot manipulators that are used in research and education.

In this project, the Fetch mobile manipulator recognizes the object (pin holder) and places it on the same table.

featured project

ShanghaiTech University

A project demo of the 2019 Robotics Course of the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of ShanghaiTech University.

SIST’s mission is to cultivate, nurture, educate, and train future technology innovators, enterprise leaders, R&D specialists, and entrepreneurs in information science and technology. The SIST integrates world-leading scientific research environment with life-enriching and transformative education experience for our students.

Solutions for Universities

Fetch Mobile Manipulator

Fetch Mobile Manipulator

The Fetch Mobile Manipulator provides an affordable, fully integrated robotic platform for mobile manipulation.

Fetch Robotics Freight Base

Fetch Base for Research

The Freight Mobile Base is a highly extensible platform to develop mobile robotic technologies.

Fetch Robotics Rviz

Gazebo Simulation

Both the Freight Mobile Base and the Fetch Mobile Manipulator have simulated counterparts using the Gazebo Simulator.

Fetch Pick and Place

OpenAI Simulations

OpenAI released four simulated robotics environments for the Fetch Mobile Manipulator, used to train models.

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