Manufacturer Triples Production Capacity

Manufacturer Triples Production Capacity

Major fashion manufacturer, Bespoke Manufacturing Company, transcends customer experience and triples production capacity with AMRs and fixed industrial scanning automation.

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The impact of the RollerTop AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is evident at Zebra customer, Bespoke Manufacturing Company (BMC), a Phoenix-based apparel manufacturer. Kirby Best, President and CEO of BMC, built this on-demand retail apparel manufacturing line specifically for flexible manufacturing by leveraging the power of Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots paired with Zebra barcode imagers.  

Compared to Best’s prior manufacturing company that was reliant upon miles of fixed conveyors, the new BMC Fashion uses less fixed conveyance and instead relies largely on a fleet of autonomous mobile robots for flexible conveyance.  
“Thanks to replacing the conveyor system with the AMR fleet, the plant enjoys a 33% improvement in space efficiency and has much more room for sewing equipment,” said Best. More room to manufacture product is a huge win for BMC, and it allows the facility to be flexible with the added space to accommodate seasonal demands. BMC’s entire workflow logistics are efficiently delegated to a fleet of Zebra’s Fetch RollerTop mobile robots and tracked by Zebra’s fixed industrial barcode imagers. Multiple Fetch RollerTop mobile robots are in motion simultaneously and the system can adjust any AMR’s intended location, based on how variables change.  “We can redirect a tote in the middle of the process to help out with the load leveling of the factory,” says Best.  

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